New generation Royal Enfield Classic 350 review - more premium and classy

Sep 6, 2021 3 min read
New generation Royal Enfield Classic 350 review - more premium and classy

Royal Enfield Classic 350 is synonymous with class and dependability in the biker's community. Let us check out what has changed for good in the new generation Classic 350.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 needs no introduction. Its age old classic design has managed to remain a good option for a new generation of riders. For years, it has been the blind choice for those looking for the ultimate double-wheel laid back and its distinctive exhaust thump. The Classic 350 is the one that made the RE brand the favorite among today's riders along with a global footprint.

Let us check out what new generation Royal Enfield Classic 350 has on offer.


The new model of the motorcycle has the teardrop fuel tank design, the triangular cradle framework, a floating rider's seat with exposed springs, the tiger's eye-facing fascia, and a low-slung exhaust rotor. The RE team has revised all features and design elements to ensure improved design, quality, and refinement. The colors include two inspired colors, gun grey and stealth black, and even two chrome shades.

The new Classic 350 has almost the same weight of 195 Kg similar to the outgoing model. There have been some changes in the riding position to adapt to the slight forward weight gap. In the previous Classic 350, there was a weight distribution of 44:56 earlier, which is now 46:54. The height of the seat is reduced by 32mm. The handlebar is moved a little farther so that the riding position could be compensated.

The start/stop switches in red with RE letters and the black headlamp add to the retro charm. Compared to the previous generation, the aesthetics and finishing quality have improved considerably. The polished, fresh-colored surfaces and motorcycle details are now much less likely to deteriorate over time.

New Generation Royal Enfield Classic 350

Casting parts, plastic coverings, and metal panels are equally robust and clean. The tail-light housing has been over-dimensioned, but the aim is to refer back to the past of Classic. There are no LEDs in the lamp for almost the same reason, but rather 60/55W bulbs with a lens reflector.  The rider's seat has been designed to give better support. The new Classic can be customized to a single-seat configuration with exposed springs.

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The new Classic 350 has the same 349cc engine. This 2-valve, air-oil-cooled, fuel-injected engine delivers 20.2 BHP power and 27Nm of torque. It is a very sophisticated unit that has tweaked the performance characteristics to ensure better mid-size and lower-end torque output.

Well, the engine does not give the Classic a loud thump, but rather of a pleasant, healthy trademark sound. Another highlight is the chromium finish with the low-slung exhaust. In an overall way, the engine of this legendary bike is a very powerful one and one can expect top-notch performance from it.


A perfect mix is provided by an innately tuned engine and a 5-speed, constant mesh gearbox. Ride quality in the city is good and mainly vibration-free. It remains one of the best in its to travel at 100kph speeds with full power. With a 41mm front fork and 90mm in the back, the suspension has improved.

In the braking domain, the new Classic 350 has achieved higher performance. A 300mm disc at the front and 270mm at the back is provided. The brake setup is 280mm and 240mm in this model. The new Classic 350 is substantially safer during severe braking with double channel ABS and big brake calliper pistons. The stop distance has been reduced to 43 meters from 55 meters, for a speed from 100 Km/hr to Zero Speed. A 153mm rear disc brake and a single channel ABS are available for some models.

The capacity of fuel tank is 13 litres and fuel efficiency is more than 37 KMPL. It should therefore be possible to travel anywhere between 350 and 400 km with a full tank.


For many in India and around the world, the Classic 350 is an aspirational bike. Its appeal has crossed all boundaries and mediums. It is because it remained true to its heritage and attracted its current audience.  Customization of the new Classic 350 is possible, and three broad themes have been designed. In addition, the 'Make it yours' customization program is provided for additional personalization options on the Royal Enfield website.

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