Riding motorcycle to Leh-Ladakh? Follow these mountain riding tips to stay safe

Aug 20, 2021 2 min read
Riding motorcycle to Leh-Ladakh? Follow these mountain riding tips to stay safe

Riding a motorcycle on mountains is both exhilarating and dangerous at the same time. It is important to be careful while you are riding your motorbike in the mountains. In this article, we have shared some recommendations to help you make the most out of your mountain trip while being safe at the same time.

Low gear riding

When ascending a hill, use a higher rpm and a lower gear than you would on a plane road to maximize your speed. When climbing hills, find the engine's point of maximum power and try to keep the rpm just below it. This way, you will always have the maximum power at your disposal. Putting the motorcycle in a higher gear can cause engine knocking and and could also lead to shut down.

Keep yourself in the correct lane

Riders prefer to move quicker and land in the opposite lane when taking corners. This is can be very dangerous and fatal. Keep your speed down, especially in curves, so that you don't lose control and end up on the other side of the road. In the mountains, this is a common cause of accidents.

Be prepared for the road

The slope of the surface can be estimated by looking at the gradient. If you glance at the corner of the road, you may get a good idea of the angle of turn. If the road ahead is disappearing faster than expect, then anticipate a curve or turn and lower down your speed accordingly.

Neutral gear is never a good idea

When it comes to hill riding, the use of engine braking can be a life saver. While descending a mountainous route, be sure your motorcycle is in gear and you are not just using the brakes to control the speed By letting go of the engine braking, you risk losing control. Excessive application of brakes while going downhill may cause overheating of brakes and make it ineffective.

Using brakes appropriately

Use the rear brake of the motorcycle more than the front brakes when climbing a mountain. Use the front brakes more than the rear brakes when you're down. The reason for this is the distribution of weight. If you apply more front brakes when going up, you'll cause the front wheel to lock up quickly. It's the same with the motorcycle's rear wheel while you are on a downhill.

Avoid icy patches

It's best to avoid damp surfaces on an uphill route, especially in wintertime. During the winter, water patches might transform into a thin layer of ice. Icy roads may look like a wet spot, but they're actually slippery and can cause fatal accidents.

Park in a safe place

It's a bad idea to park your motorcycle facing downhill. Whenever possible, park your bike in a flat place and face it uphill. Also, keep an eye out for any loose stones that may have fallen from the different sources. It is best to keep the motorcycle away from such areas.

It is important to follow these tips to ride safely on mountains. You should be very cautious while riding the bike in the mountains as conditions change rapidly and you may lose control of your bike.

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