Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing Two-Wheeler Insurance

Jun 14, 2024 4 min read
Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing Two-Wheeler Insurance

It is an important step to help ensure that you have constant insurance coverage for your bike, as it is with the renewal of two-wheeler insurance. Nonetheless, they are also used during the renewal of bike insurance policies, and people make mistakes, hence not availing of the best two wheeler insurance policy. Below are some of the common mistakes you make when doing bike insurance renewal online.

1. Not Comparing Different Policies

Another mistake that is often made is not comparing the different 2-wheeler insurance plans one is likely to come across. Most bikers directly go for a renew bike insurance policy with their current insurance company without even considering whether there is a better deal available or not. This is especially true since many insurers are always providing their services at very cheap and attractive prices while providing various benefits. You can use the internet to compare different insurance companies to identify the best two-wheeler insurance for yourself.

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2. Ignoring the Coverage Details

It is important to understand what the policy covers and the details that make it comprehensive. Unfortunately, this aspect is often neglected by policyholders, resulting in substandard insurance premiums. Be sure to include the risks of theft, disasters, and even legal liabilities that your policy should protect against. Make sure this policy emphasises extra coverages such as zero DEP, engine, and roadside assistance, which are extremely advantageous.

3. Skipping the Two-Wheeler Insurance Check

When it comes to the process of motorcycle insurance renewal, make sure to undergo a two-wheeler insurance check. This includes making some comparisons to the current policy that an organisation is using at the moment. Determine whether there are any changes in the policy or whether additional options have been included in the bike insurance policy. This assists in making the right decision upon the 2-wheeler insurance renewal of the contract.

4. Not Considering No Claim Bonus (NCB)

No-claim bonus is another important feature that is provided with the discount of premium for each year without a claim. Most policyholders often neglect their NCB when migrating to a different bike insurance company. Make sure that your NCB is transferred to the new policy so that you can get discounts on bike insurance renewal.

5. Providing Incorrect Information

It is very important that the agency receives accurate information during the bike insurance renewal process. Even a slight inconsistency in the claim details will lead to a rejection of the claim. Cross-check the personal details you have provided, the car details, and any other policy information, if any. Make sure that the data you have is correct and updated to the current period to avoid any inaccurate results.

6. Delaying the Renewal Process

Procrastination can be costly. Extending your two-wheeler insurance expiration date may result in your motorcycle insuarance coverage expiring, and you’d be able to deal with the expenses of an accident. It can also trigger penalties and eventually high premiums. Ensure the policy is tweaked and amended if necessary, and schedule reminders before it expires.

7. Overlooking the Insurer’s Reputation

An insurer's reputation is critical. The few remaining riders only compare the premium cost and fail to consider the insurer’s financial strength and service provider rating. Select an bike insurance firm that has a good record of claim compensation. Using internet rating and ranking to find out the best two wheeler insurance provider.

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8. Neglecting Add-On Covers

Riders modify the basic limits of the policy to give you wider protection. Paid-in extras are often excluded by policyholders to minimise costs, but this is wrong. Optional features to opt for include zero depreciation, personal accident cover, and even engine protection. Determine your personal requirements and select the most suitable options to enhance your protection.

9. Not Utilizing Online Resources

It is advantageous and convenient to renew two-wheeler insurance online. People have not renewed their policies online and thus miss out on offers and discounts available online. Online is still one of the easiest ways to renew all the necessary forms. There are other such websites, like Parivahan Sewa, that help users bike insurance status check online and renew bike insurance policies easily. Additionally, website like CarInfo provide comprehensive services for vehicle management, including RTO information, manage e-challan payments, RC details, and service history. CarInfo app also helps users to buy & sell cars.

10. Ignoring Policy Customization

Riders are not the same, and, therefore, their requirements will also differ. Standard policies do not always provide the proper coverage for all people. Choose your two-wheeler insurance based on your needs and preferences for the bike insurance plan, so select the coverage tiers that correspond to your riding behaviour and choose additional features accordingly.


It is easy to renew two-wheeler insurance online, depending on the process followed. To make sure you are getting the best coverage at the lowest rates possible, you should also avoid the following. Carry out a 2-wheeler insurance comparison often, and make changes to your policy where necessary. If you follow these steps, you and your bike will be safe and secure while riding.

Do not forget, your bike insurance is more than just the legal obligation, it is your safety net for the unforeseen. Ensure that you are wise in your choices and are making good decisions. It is recommended to go to the Parivahan Sewa portal for further details and to renew your policy online with the best available options.

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