Spinny full-stack model and revolutionizing the used car market

Sep 27, 2021 3 min read
Spinny full-stack model and revolutionizing the used car market

While the used car market has steadily moved towards becoming increasingly organized, it remains fractured in terms of the experience a buyer or seller goes through. This is due to the continuing presence of intermediaries involved in the process that either impact the price or the quality of the car.

Sellers of cars are faced with negotiating for a better price for their good quality cars while buyers of used cars must contend with varied quality of cars being sold at inflated prices. To remove these negative experiences in the used car market, Spinny has adopted a full-stack model to ensure that whether it is buying or selling a car, the experience is one of transparency and trust.

What is a Full-Stack Model?

A full-stack model refers to any business model that does not rely on other businesses or intermediaries to deliver a product to market. At Spinny, this full-stack model brings several dependent services under one roof. Car procurement, pricing, inspections, and maintenance of the cars are handled by various teams within Spinny. This provides numerous benefits for buyers and sellers alike.

Spinny Full-Stack Advantage for Sellers

Getting the best price for their car is the primary concern for every car owner selling their car. Spinny ensures this by inspecting every car with certified car inspectors who have been trained to evaluate every aspect of the car to ascertain the quality of the car. Once the car’s quality has been certified, an accurate price is provided to the car owner based on the current market price of the car as well as present market demand. There are no external factors determining the price of the car. Once certified by Spinny, the price provided to you is the price your car deserves and, in many cases, it is higher than market value.

Spinny Full-Stack Advantage for Buyers

The results of the inspection to certify the car are made available to the buyer to provide complete transparency for the car they are interested in. No detail is hidden, and buyers can get an accurate idea of the car’s condition from the inspection report itself. This also ensures that Spinny can provide a Fixed Price Assurance to the buyer wherein the price quoted matches the condition of the car. By providing a fixed price for the car, Spinny ensures that needless negotiations can be removed from the experience to allow buyers to purchase the car they desire seamlessly.

Seamless Experience

Apart from price and quality, Spinny’s full-stack model has tangible benefits that impact the overall experience of buying and selling a car. As Spinny handles the entire process from procurement to delivery, the transfer of RC and other documentations is securely handled from the seller to the buyer directly. There are no delays related to waiting for the buyer to initiate the transfer process or for the seller to provide their NOC. With all cars housed at Spinny Car Hubs, buyers can test drive at a location of their convenience, whether it is their office or their home.

Spinny’s full-stack model also allows Spinny to provide a 1-year warranty coverage for every Spinny Assured used car. This provides further peace of mind for the immediate ownership period. At the same time, the 5-day money back guarantee gives more freedom to the buyer to return the car if they are not satisfied. These services are an extension of the business model that is designed for customer satisfaction.

Spinny’s full-stack model is a revolutionary approach to the used car market that has removed many intermediaries to make the process of buying or selling their car as convenient as possible. There is complete transparency at every stage of the process, which is a major departure from the information asymmetry the industry has so far been plagued by. This ensures that every interaction with Spinny is a high level of integrity, commitment, and transparency, whether it is buying or selling a car.

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