Taking delivery of new car is quite exciting. However, it is important to check the car properly and see if everything is as per requirements. Your dealer might refuse to take responsibility after you leave the showroom if anything is wrong. Therefore,    always keep a checklist before you go to take delivery of new car.

Generation of Invoice

Ask the dealer that new invoice should be generated only after you have completed the pre-delivery inspection (PDI). Make sure that you perform a detailed examination of the car in daylight.

Take a friend along

Always try to take someone along with you to perform the PDI. It's easy to find any abnormality when more eyes examine.

Check 'Form 22' to confirm manufacturing date and month

Ask the dealer to have a look at Form 22, which is issued by manufacturer and carries the month and year of manufacture, car's engine number, and chassis number. Also, make sure that other details like, address, name are error-free.

Check the Exterior

Sometimes, the new car get damaged during the transit from the manufacturer. Therefore, look for any sort of scratches or dents especially in the bumpers. Also, check the paintwork. If you find even any minor damage, bring it to the attention of the dealership and get it rectified free of cost.

Check the interior

Once you have completed inspecting the exteriors, get inside the car and have a loook at the functionalities. Also, check for crack or any other scratches on windows.

Check the odometer

Make sure that odometer reading shouldn't be exceeded 150 km. In case it's higher, ask the dealer about it.

Check electricals

Make sure that all the electricals are working fine, like instrument cluster, central locking, and in-car entertainment. Check brake lights, parking lights, indicators, cabin lights, power windows, fog lamps, and the music system.

Check engine

Always look under the hood. Open the bonnet and check for fluid levels. Also, check for any leakage under the bonnet and see if you hear any weird sound or vibration.

Take a test drive

Last, but not the least, go for a test drive along with dealer to check steering, brake and suspension. Also, if you find any uneven noise, speak here and there.

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