There are many reasons to buy a used car whether it can be affordability or to not face any sort of waiting period. It makes sense most of the time. However, one big task that needs to be simplified i.e. paperwork process.

You need to take care of certain legal documentations and get the car completely at  your name and drive it without any hassle. Here is the list of documents which you need to check before buying a used car.

Registration Certificate (RC)

The most important document to check is RC. It provides information about owner's name, car body type, chassus number, and engine number. Make sure that all these match the number on the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) plate of the car. This can be located on either front of the engine under bonnet, driver side road or even at the front fender (if it's an old car).

Invoice of car purchase

It is simply to check the bill that the buyer of the car recieve by the dealership from where it has been bought. It provides the important information such as ex-showroom price and date of purchase. If you are buying from a single individual, ask for a sale reciept.

NOC or Clearance Certified

Most buyers take car loan to buy car. In such case, the bank provides NOC with a clearance certificate stating that there's no pending loan on the car.

Always check the service record of the car, which is also known as blue book. It is used to examine the service intervals, and actual running of the car.


All vehicles are mandated by the law to have an insurance policy. It also tells you if the car was involved in a major accident. Make sure that the insurance of the car isn't expired and get it transferred. Also, check he inclusions and the exclusions in the policy.

RTO Forms - 29 and 30 32, and 35

Form 32 and 35 -  It is required if the previous owner had taken a loan. Ask the seller to give you the copy of NOC to check if the entire loan is paid off. If there's some amount pending, the bank will end up asking you to pay the pending loan.

Form 29 -  It's the official car ownership notice

Form 30 -  This is the official application that the ownership has been transferred.

Road tax receipt

It's one time payment which is paid by the previous owner of the car. This receipt is given by the RTO when it's registered under its original owner for the very first time.

Emission certificate

It's also known as PUCC (Pollution Under Control certificate), a document stating the emissions of th car are under the legal limit.  

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