How to apply online for a driving license: Step by step guide

Nov 26, 2020 2 min read
How to apply online for a driving license: Step by step guide

Online driving license can save you from the hassle of long queues and travel. Let us find out the step by step process.

You can not drive a motor vehicle in India without a valid driving license (DL). As per the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act, driving a vehicle without proper DL is considered to be an offense. You can now apply online for the driving license if you want to avoid the hassle and long queue. To know the steps, read the below-mentioned article.

In order to get a permanent driving license, you need to first pass out a driving test carried out by the RTO authority after a month of the issuance of learning license. The final result is declared after the proper testing. Within 6 months of the issuance of the learning license, the license holders must apply for a driving license.

Step By Step Process to apply for a driving license online

The step by step process of online application for the driving license is given below:


Open the RTO website

Open the Road Transportation & Highways Ministry, Sarathi Website, and select the left-hand driver license option.


Click on Online application in Menu

Click on the option 'Apply online' from the menu and click on the 'New Driving License.'

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Click Continue

Click on the continue button and read the instruction well.


Enter Details

You will now have to include details of your foreign DL/ Defence License/Learning License. To do so, enter the details like Name, date of birth, and click ok.

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Enter your personal information.

Now enter your personal information as requested and your necessary documents like proof of age, proof of address, etc.


Choose the date

Now you can choose the dates for the DL appointment and send the application to RTO after the payment is done successfully.

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Click Submit

A web application number will be generated that you can utilize to monitor the status of your driving license application. You can note this number for future references.

It is a pretty simple process of applying for a driving license online. All you need is a basic knowledge of the internet and computers to easily apply online.

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