Interesting Facts About Your Driving License You Didn't Know

Feb 14, 2020 2 min read
Interesting Facts About Your Driving License You Didn't Know

Driving License (DL) certifies that you are physically and mentally fit to drive a vehicle on the road. It is also used as a personal identity document. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, it is mandatory for all drivers to keep their driving license while driving a vehicle. RTOs have now started issuing digital driving licenses in the form of smart cards.

Here are a few interesting facts that every Indian driver must know about their driving license.

1.  It Is A Valid Proof of Age, Identity and Nationality.

The process of acquiring a driving license involves a lot of due diligence and verification. Its documentation requires your valid address proof and date of birth certificate issued by the government. Hence, DL is a genuine identity proof accepted by various government and private institutions for verification of age, nationality and identity.

2. It Is An All India Permit

Applicants can apply for the driving license through the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the state in which the applicant lives. For instance, an applicant residing in New Delhi needs to visit approach the RTO of the New Delhi area.

However, a driving license issued from any part of the card is valid over India. Even if you are migrating to a new state, you only need to re-register your car. Your DL would work just fine.

3. It Expires

From the date of issuance, a driving license is valid for 20 years. The validity of driving license expired only in one situation - when the license holder turns 50 years of age. After the expiration of DL, the candidate is expected to visit the RTO to renew the driving license, as it is illegal to drive without a valid license.

4. Online Applications Are Accepted

With Digital India initiatives of the Indian government, you can now apply for a driving license through the Parivahan website. Applicants are required to upload all the soft copies on the website and select the date of the exam. Yes, you only have the convenience of online application and are still expected to show up at RTO for online and practical exams.

5. The Driving Test Has  Passing Marks

Applicants need to pass the first exam that is an online test by securing at least 12 marks. The questionnaire of the online exam is based on the knowledge of traffic rules and regulations along with the best practices that a driver is expected to follow while driving.

6. Use Aadhar for Minimum Documentation

Applicants can use Aadhar verification on Parivahan website to set up an account. Aadhar UID will automatically fetch your personal details and verify most of your personal information. Through Aadhar verification process, you can save yourself from a lot of documentation.

7. There Are Codes on DL

Alpha-numeric codes present on the back of driving license depict different class of vehicles. Front side of the DL carrier the code of vehicle you are allowed to drive. It is present between the golden chip and your photo on the driving license.

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