How to get a Duplicate Driving License In India?

May 7, 2019 1 min read
How to get a Duplicate Driving License In India?

Losing your driving license has been a common story lately. A thief might have stolen your wallet, you may have dropped it somewhere or you may have forgotten where you kept it.

No one judges you, and it is accepted as human nature to lose things (People have been known to have forgotten their kids at the mall!).

The First Step.

You need to rush to a police station right away. File an FIR reporting the loss of you license. You must have a legal proof that you have indeed lost your driving permit.
When you visit your Regional Transport Office, or the RTO again, they will need this FIR as a valid evidence that your license needs to be issued again.

The Next Step.

You can work both ways: either use the online option available, or the offline one.

  • Choosing the online method will require you to fill the online forms and upload the relevant documents on the RTO website of your state.Then take a print out of the application forms, paste the photographs as required and sign the document. You then have to visit the RTO office where you originally got your driving license from, and submit the forms.

  • The offline method involves visiting the RTO office of your original driving licence. You fill the forms and submit it there with the relevant documents.

You are not required to give a driving test again in case of a duplicate license.

The Final Step.

How can a procedure be complete without involving money? Getting a duplicate license costs a fee, that varies along the states.

Pay the fees at the relevant counter at your RTO.

Post that, just sit back at home. Your duplicate driving license will be delivered at your registered address through post within a few days.

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