Avoid costly maintenance of your old car with these tips

May 6, 2021 2 min read
Avoid costly maintenance of your old car with these tips

Are you giving your car the attention it deserves? Or are you following car maintenance tips to avoid costly car repairs? If not, refer this listicle.

Vehicles are a huge part of anyone’s life. It would be impossible to do anything we need to do with any time left over for things we enjoy without a vehicle. Caring for your car and keeping it in proper running condition requires a little bit of effort. By knowing the basics about what your car needs, and knowing about how to keep vehicles in good shape so they run as long as possible. Check out some of the age-old car maintenance tips here:

Check the pressure of tires

You should ensure that your tires have the right air pressure, especially when the temperature changes. In summers, your tire pressure might increase to a dangerous level because the air expands. The opposite happens when it gets cold. Checking your tire pressure at each oil change will extend the life of your tires and avoid expensive car repairs. Taking care of your tyre health is also good for your bank account, because it makes your car more fuel efficient and you spend less on gas.

Keep your fluids at good level

One of the simplest tips for car maintenance to avoid expensive car repair expenses is to keep your fluids at optimum levels. Perhaps most important are your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine oil, and coolant. If you don't check car fluid levels, they'll go from “full” to “empty” right below your nose. So make sure to examine and top-off frequently.

Check hoses and belts

Your belts drive different engine parts. They deteriorate over time, and sometimes you can’t tell from a visual inspection. When any of these belts or hoses crack, wear down, it can spell very bad news for your car and may invite for a costly car repair. It’s an important part of old car care and need to be replaced.

Battery performance

Car's battery is one of the most important element for your vehicle to run. Inspect your battery cables and their connections and be sure to clean rust and corrosion from the terminals. Extreme temperatures have an affect on the performance of the battery thus regular battery maintenance will ensure that battery will perform when you need it to.

Stick to your maintenance schedule

Regular checkups offer the best way to catch problems before they turn into massive issues. Skipping your regular car maintenance schedule can be detrimental. You need to check the car manual to know the exact time duration for scheduled maintenance service.

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