DIY car maintenance: How to maintain your car battery professionally

Dec 22, 2020 3 min read
DIY car maintenance: How to maintain your car battery professionally

The battery is one of the most essential components of a car. From turning your ignition on to running all the electronics, a car can not function without a proper battery.

Car battery stores the required electric energy to turn on the car engine. It also powers all the electronics including AC fan, lights, music system, central locking, and more in your car. However, with the passage of time, car batteries tend to show a decline in their performance. On an average, the active car battery life can last between 2 -5 years.

Here are a few tips that you can consider while taking care of car batteries to extend its life.

Regular driving

Frequent short rides prevent car batteries from fully charging. It can be maintained by driving frequently but for a longer period. Batteries contain stored electric charge which results from the reaction between chemicals present in them. When the car is in motion, only then do these chemicals readily react with each other. To maintain this charge, one should drive the car regularly.

Tightly fasten the battery

If batteries are not securely fastened then it could vibrate which can result in internal damage and short circuits. So check regularly that the battery is tightly and perfectly positioned in the mounting bracket.

Turn off the systems while exiting to avoid fast draining

Try not to leave car accessories and equipment like headlights and car door lights accidentally on. Because of these actions, the charge from car batteries drains out and demands frequent recharging. The higher the rate of recharging lower will be its life span. To avoid this situation double-check the car while exiting.

Check the corrosion by cleaning the battery case

Moisture and dirt is the biggest and most important enemy of battery life. Over Time, the battery’s case and terminals corrode naturally; therefore, keep them clean from dirt, dampness, and accumulation this will help in increasing the shelf of a car battery. Make a mixture of baking soda and water and scrub the terminals with the help of a toothbrush. Then using a spray bottle, rinse off the mixture with cold water and dry thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Test the battery time after time

To maximize the life of a battery, test its output voltage level with the help of a car battery tester.

Restrict the use of electronics while idling

When the engine isn't running turn off all functions like radio or air conditioner to minimize the load on battery power. The extending periods of idling can also make a battery down.

Care for the whole car

The car is comprised of many parts working together and taking the car for routine checkups and storing properly can ensure car batteries reach their full capacity.

Service engine regularly

The efficiency and stability of an engine have a direct impact on the battery's lifespan. To prolong battery life, check the battery's health regularly.

Check to charge rates regularly

Check battery's charging rate at nearby service center habitually because over and under charging can reduce battery's lifespan and defy its warranty.

Don’t avoid early warning signs

All machines including car batteries show warning signals when they start degrading. Keep in mind these signals. Cranking sounds or short circuits are examples of some early warning signals for battery maintenance measures.

Water top-up

To function normally, even the best car battery with ‘low maintenance’ and ‘standard’ signs need a specific level of water. To avoid any damage, always fill it with distilled water up to the plates.

Weather exposure

Weather is one of the most important factor. The popular misconception is that cold weather kills battery but it is not correct. In winter season, batteries have to work a little harder to start the engine. This is due to the damage they sustained during the heat of the previous summer.

Extreme heat can lead to an increase in the rate of water and other fluids evaporation from the cells and internal structure even in sealed top batteries. Because of this reason, the average battery life is shorter in a warm environment. Hence, try parking your car in a cooler environment.

Hope these tips will help you extend the life of your car battery!

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