DIY car maintenance: How to check car fluid levels

Oct 31, 2020 2 min read
DIY car maintenance: How to check car fluid levels

Car fluids are meant to slow down the wear and tear of the car engine, facilitate braking, cool down the engine, and more. Hence, it is crucial to keep the right fluid levels.

To make sure your car runs smoothly, it is crucial to check the fluids of your car regularly. Car contains fluids in multiple parts. To take better care of your car, you should know how to check fluid levels of your car. And it will also help to keep the car engine in good shape while reducing your frequent trips to the workshop.

Here is how you can check different fluid levels of your car.

1. How to check car transmission fluid

Here is how to check the transmission fluid of your car:

  • Start the ignition of your vehicle and keep it idling for a few minutes. Make sure the car is parked and pull up the emergency brakes.
  • Open the hood and pull out transmission fluid dipstick. It is present near the firewalls; at the back side of the engine.
  • Wipe up the dipstick and replace it.
  • Now remove transmission fluid dipstick for the second time, and check out the oil level against markings. Go to the workshop if the oil level reads low.
  • Check out the colour of transmission fluid. It should be clear and pink in colour. If it is dark in colour then it is time to change the fluid.

2. How to check car brake fluid

Here is how to check the brake fluid of your car:

  • Read your vehicle owner manual to find out how often brake fluid needs to be changed.
  • Find out brake fluid reservoir. You can find it at the top of the engine. It is also labeled.
  • Use an approved aerosol cleaner to clean dirt particles before opening the cap.
  • Now open the cap and check brake fluid level through the attached dipstick on the underside of the cap. If the level is low, top it up by a professional.

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3. How to check car coolant

Here is how to check your car coolant level:

  • Check out vehicle owner manual to find out the frequency of coolant change. Normally, it is recommended to change the coolant after every 50,000 kilometers.
  • Find the coolant tank. Side of the coolant tank is marked with the level meter. Add the coolant mix if the reading is low.
  • Let the engine cool down for around 20 minutes before opening the cap of the radiator.

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4. How to check car battery fluid level

Here is how to check car battery fluid level:

  • Car batteries normally last around three to five years, but it can last longer with proper maintenance of fluid levels.
  • Find out battery’s condition indicator at the top of the car battery. Green or Blue colour of the indicator reflect good level and Red colour reflects the need to add distilled water. White colour means your car battery needs charging.
  • Always add distilled water to top up the battery.

5. How to check car engine oil level

Here is how to check the car fluid level:

  • Turn off your engine and park your vehicle on a flat surface to find accurate engine oil reading.
  • Pull out the dipstick from the engine tube and wipe it out with a clean rag. Now, put it down in the tube again and pull out to check the oil level. If the level is below the minimum mark then top it up.
  • If the engine oil is in good condition, it is always light in colour. If the colour is dark then it is time to change the engine oil of your car. Also check the viscosity of the oil and if it smells like petrol then also you need to change the engine oil.

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