Electric vehicle sales are gradually gaining momentum in the Indian automobile market. They are cheaper to run and maintain. Check out all the benefits.

The lockdown demonstrated us that working from home is possible. It also revealed the fact that the lesser the amount of fossil-fueled vehicles on the road, the lower is the pollution rate. After all, within the next 10-12 years, people will end up using electric powered vehicles. With evolving technologies, infrastructure will be much better then. If you are planning to buy a new car, EVs are available in the Indian market. Now, here are some of the reasons why you should buy an electric vehicle.

Low maintenance costs

First and the foremost reason is that the maintenance of electric vehicles are much lower. There are much fewer changing parts and hence the repair work needed is lower. They do not need oil changes, spark plugs or timing belts and no regular maintenance is required. Batteries are usually covered under warranty and manufacturers like Tata with the Nexon EV offer eight years coverage.

Government incentives

The advantages of buying an EV are not limited to the vehicle itself. Now, the Indian government also wants you to buy an EV because EVs are the future. Purchase of electric vehicles are now exempted from certain expenses such as registration fees or road tax with additional subsidies. Also, few states also offer free parking at malls or govt lots for EVs.

No need to pay registration fees on electric vehicles

Convenient charging at home

Instead of searching for a fuel station, you can charge at home at cheaper prices. You can simply plug in your vehicle at your home for 4-5 hours and you are ready to move again with a full tank. Nowadays, EVs come with fast charging capabilities which allows them to juice up within 60 mins.

Higher resale value

Typically, EVs have lower wear and tear than the average vehicle for similar usage. With rapidly increasing battery capacities and a fast growing charging network, used EVs are in a great demand. This has driven up the resale value if electric vehicles.

They have no sound

Another benefit is that an EV is much quieter than a conventional vehicle. The logic is simple, no engine under the hood so there is no noise as well. The EVs are so silent that carmakers have to add false sounds to make it safe for pedestrians.

Easy to drive

One can be assured of a much smoother drive with the electric vehicle because you don't have to operate gear mechanisms. You only have to use a set of buttons which will make you increase or decrease the speed and that’s all.

All these reasons will urge you to go for an electric vehicle.

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