Every Two-Wheeler Rider Must Follow These Safety Tips

Nov 3, 2019 2 min read
Every Two-Wheeler Rider Must Follow These Safety Tips

Road accidents in India claim more than 1.5 lakh lives every year. And most of these lost lives are those of bike and scooter riders. Even after knowing the higher risks of riding a two-wheeler on Indian roads, people refuse to take basic safety measures while driving.

Cars(and other four-wheelers) are much safer on roads since you get an extra layer of safety above your head. But when you are riding a two-wheeler, you are highly exposed to all fatalities and damages if you face an accident. The risks related to bike riding are high in India.

Therefore, here are a few essential tips which every rider should follow to stay safe on roads.

1. Always Wear a Helmet

4 bike riders die every hour because of not wearing a helmet. This means that if all riders just start wearing a helmet, the number of road accidents can come down significantly on Indian roads. Helmet is also a great way to save your face and eyes from harsh weather, dust, stone particles and increasing pollution on the roads.

While buying a helmet, do not just thing about meeting compliance. Always invest in a good helmet which is ISI certified and sturdy enough to save you in case of an accident.

2. Get Proper Riding Gear

The practice of wearing riding gear is not a popular culture in India. But people who wear it can bet that it makes you a lot safer on the roads. It includes elbow guard and knee guards. You can replace elbow guards with a good quality jacket that can save you from bruises and serious injuries in case of a fall. Besides, always wear shoes to keep your feet safe. Recently, the government has also amended the motor vehicle act and made it compulsory to wear shoes while riding a two-wheeler.

3. Maintain Your Bike

Proper maintenance of bike serves two purposes- It keeps your vehicle in good shape, and increases your safety on the road. Make sure to get your bike or scooter serviced serviced properly at regular intervals and that all its parts are in good shape. Replace parts including spark plug, air filter, brake pads and batteries among others as prescribed by the manufacturer. Also, replace your tyres timely to always have a good grip on roads and avoid flat tyre situation.

4. Follow Traffic Rules

Bikers are infamous in India for not following the traffic rules. Well, it might offend the biker in you, but it is a fact. You can change this perception by following the traffic rules judiciously. It has two benefits. The first is that it would keep you a lot safer on the road, and the second is that you will avoid the risk of paying a heavy challan.

5. Use Side Mirrors

Several bikers never use side mirrors to take turns and overtake. Ironically, they uninstall the mirrors for reasons best-known to them. This causes a lot of confusion and inconvenience for other people driving around them.
Side mirrors are installed for a reason. Use them wisely to get a clear view of rear traffic before taking a turn or overtaking a vehicle. Side mirrors are also a boon in the night time when it becomes difficult to gauge the traffic behind you.

Your life is in your hands. Remember that your loved ones always wait for you when you are away from home. As a responsible citizen, you must take precautions before stepping out on the road. It helps you, and fellow riders to stay safe.

To Safer Roads!

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