Read This Before you Take Your Bike for Servicing!

Oct 18, 2019 2 min read
Read This Before you Take Your Bike for Servicing!

For all the bike lovers out there, servicing is like a sacred ritual that is essential to keep the vehicle in a healthy shape. Getting your bike serviced periodically maintains its performance and increases the life of parts.

But, is it just enough to take your bike to the service station?
Umm, No.

To make sure that the service of your bike is done properly, there are some things that you should take care of from your end.

Engine Oil

Normally, when you go to an authorised service station of your bike, they replace the old engine oil with the stock engine oil of the company (which is usually just mineral oil). But to enhance the performance and life of the engine, you can go for better engine oils available in the market.

Which Oil is Right?

Engine oils are available in different viscosities including 10W-30, 20W-50 and 15W-40. However, you need to consider various factors while selecting the right engine oil including CC of the engine, riding conditions and performance expectations. Premium mineral oil is ideal for bikes under the 200cc range. For larger engines, it is advisable to go with semi-synthetic oil. Super-bike owners should  always top up their engines with synthetic oil.

Parts Replacement

There are several parts of a bike like brake pads, spark plug, air filter and clutch wire that face a lot of wear and tear as you record more kilometres. These should be replaced on time.


We often tend to ignore the timely replacement of these parts just to save a little money. But this might be dangerous for you in the long run. Unexpected breakdown due to parts malfunction can lead to a fatal accident. Hence, never ignore the prescribed part replacement schedule for your bike.

Paint Protection Coating

Bikers often don’t find spending on paint protection as a value for money expenditure. But it is the pain protection coating that saves the original paint of your bike from fading, rust and minor scratches. So, if you plan to keep your bike for a longer period of time then it is a good idea to give your bike appropriate paint protection.

Which Coating to Choose?

Teflon coating is a cheaper option but you need to get it done on every service. For a relatively longer solution, you can go for ceramic coating which lasts longer and is a great value for money deal as well.

Battery Maintenance

Nowadays, all the bikes come equipped with electric start option, powerful lights and a digital meter. All of these use power from the battery to function. Hence, it is essential to keep the battery in good shape.

What to Do?

Make sure that you get the battery recharged every time your bike goes into service. Check for leaks and replacement time. Normally, a bike’s battery lasts for 4-5 years. Replace the battery timely before it gets dead and loses its power. Do not wait until the last moment.

Watch the Mechanic

It happens all the time that mechanics make an inflated bill for changing some or the other part. It wouldn’t hurt to watch the entire process to keep a close eye on what is being replaced and what is being repaired. Talk to the mechanic if you find something suspicious about your machine.

A little attention and knowledge can save you money and can add years to your two-wheeler.

Ride safe, and happy Vrooming!

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