Points to remember before riding your bike in the summer season

May 28, 2021 2 min read
Points to remember before riding your bike in the summer season

Riding a bike is usually a fun and relaxing affair. But it can be quite irritating and troublesome as the weather can get harsh during afternoons. So, here are some handy pointers to keep you cool while riding.

Carry plenty of water

The most important factor about riding under the hot sun is to always carry water bottles. Drinking water often can protect you from exhaustion.

Cover up

We know riding with full gear on a sweaty day can be extremely annoying, but exposing your skin to the sun for a long period will not leave you with sunburns but also accelerate dehydration. Wear full sleeves shirts, pants, gloves to protect your fingers and palms, and don't forget to hear your helmet.

Take enough breaks

Every rider wants to crunch as many miles as fast as possible. But, take a break every 100km or so if possible. Short breaks will refresh your mind.

Check the condition of tyres

To avoid unwanted punctures, make sure your tyre is inflated to the recommended tyre pressure and the tread is fine. Try filling nitrogen, as it doesn't increase the tyre pressure nor decrease it.

Carry tool kit and spare parts

Always carry the tool kit with some of the important spare parts like spark plugs and fuses. The tool kit must have all vital tools including sparkplug wrench, wrenches of all sizes, and tyre puncture repair kit. If you are riding with tubed tyres then carry a spare tube which you can change yourself in case of emergency.

Watch out for melting tar

Well, this is one instruction that you should always follow. Be careful while riding in the ghats or twisty roads as the road expands and tarmac melts during the summers, causing bikes to skid.

Wear a full-face helmet along a clear visor

Most of the helmets have vents. Don't forget to open them before the ride. At high speeds, it is suggested to keep it closed to protect the face from flying debris as well as dust.

Wear a summer jacket

Chose your riding gear carefully. Mesh jackets allow maximum airflow as compared to leather and textile jackets. It is advisable to avoid wearing leather jackets in the summer.

Follow 12-3 rule

The 12-3 rule means the period between 12 noon-3pm. This is the hottest period of the day when the sun is directly over our heads and it’s advisable to stay indoors.

Get your bike serviced and properly checked

You don't want your bike to interrupt in the mid of nowhere leaving you to face the heat all by yourself. Check all the bolts and nuts are fastened and most importantly, your bike chain is properly lubricated.

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