Ola Electric Scooter facing quality issues; know the facts

Jan 2, 2022 2 min read
Ola Electric Scooter facing quality issues; know the facts

Ambitious plans need a great deal of courage, and they often encounter multiple obstacles along the way. Ola Electric, aiming to become India's largest manufacturer of electric scooters, is experiencing something similar.

Customers have complained that the scooters are not performing well as they should despite their numerous best-in-class features. These owners have now shared their experiences, and they hope to have some resolution soon.

Post-delivery issues

One customer stated that their Ola S1 Pro began having issues soon after delivery. After around 6 kilometers, the owner experienced screeching sounds and headlight issues. Following that, they towed the scooter for repair. The owner noticed the scooter had a cracked number plate and oil spots after delivery. Ola Electric, for its part, has offered to resolve the stated issues.

Additionally, the owner said that he rode the scooter about 19 kilometers with the service team. He was also unhappy with the documentation for the repairs.

Another Ola S1 Pro owner in Visakhapatnam said he received his scooter with multiple dents and cracks all over the body. The customer service team informed the owner that they would do repairs. However, the customers are expecting a new product, not a refurbished one.

The owner also noticed the LCD panel gap. According to him, if exposed to water or rain, this flaw may cause damage to the screen. Ola has offered to replace the owner's damaged scooter with a new one.

Insurance charges and range issue with Ola Scooter

A user on an Ola electric scooter pointed out the difference between the insurance price charged and the real rate shown in the policy document. Compared to the Rs 7,471 paid, the insurance document indicates that it only paid Rs 6,695. At the moment, Ola scooter buyers have to opt for the company's insurance.

Users of the Ola scooter have also complained about range concerns. Under real-world situations, there is a shorter range than the certified range of 121 kilometers (km) for Ola S1 and 181 kilometers (km) for Ola S1 Pro. Ola has provided an advisory about this in earlier correspondence.

Ola Electric operates solely online and delivers and services scooters onsite, unlike the traditional dealership ecosystem. Ola has likely worked with third-party workshops to perform repairs and other tasks that it cannot perform onsite.

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