Ola Electric S1 and S1 pro is on sale

Sep 16, 2021 1 min read
Ola Electric S1 and S1 pro is on sale

On the eve of World EV Day, Ola Electric commenced with online purchases for its new Ola electric scooters available in Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro variants.

The electric scooters from Ola Electric have finally gone on sale, starting from September 8, 2021. By receiving thousands of bookings since the company started accepting them, witnessed their fair shape of hype. Buyers will have to head to the brand's website for bookings. The vehicle will be home delivered. Let's know everything about the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro.


The top S1 Pro variant can accelerate from 0-40 km/h in three seconds, has a top-speed of 115 km/h and produces a range up to 181 km.  The S1 packs can accelerate a top-speed of 90 km/h and promises a range of up to 121 km/h.

Charging time

Ola Electric Scooters will take 6.30 hours to fully charge if you charge it from a home charge on the S1 Pro variant. In the S1 variant, the scooter will take around five hours to charge completely using a regular plug.

Other features

The scooter comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display which shows important information about GPS navigation and scooter. Additionally, it comes with a 4G connectivity and will support features like Youtube, Calling, etc. It also comes with a ‘find my scooter’ feature and keyless ignition.

The scooter will diagnose and send a report to the owner as well as the service centre, in case of an anomaly.

Color options

Ola is available in 10 shades including red, black, purple, yellow and dark blue.

Price range

Ola S1 costs Rs. 99,999 (ex-showroom) while the S1 Pro is priced at Rs. 1,29,999 (ex-showroom). The purchase window has opened yesterday at 6pm for anyone with a reservation and the sale will remain active until stocks clear.

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