Nissan Magnite repair costs estimated at Rs 21 lakh

Apr 24, 2021 1 min read
Nissan Magnite repair costs estimated at Rs 21 lakh

A Nissan dealership in Andhra Pradesh estimated the repair costs of an accidental Magnite at a whopping Rs 21 lakh.

Nissan Magnite is one of the hot selling SUVs at this hour. The compact SUV offers great value for money along with modern styling and a long list of advanced features. Its ex-showroom prices start from Rs.5.59 - 10.00 Lakh. Being in the affordable segment, Nissan is easily managing to sell between 3000 to 4000 units per month.

However, can the repair cost of a car be more than its ex-showroom price?

In a bizarre incident, a Nissan dealership in Andhra Pradesh estimated the repair cost of a Nissan Magnite at whopping Rs 21 lakh. Yes, you heard it right! That's the repair cost of a car that costs around Rs 11.5 lakh on road.

As per the reports, the owner of the car Indraharsha from Andhra Pradesh said that he bought the car because of its affordable maintenance but this is not what he was expecting from the dealership. He met with an accident where his car collided with Andhra Pradesh State RTC bus in the month of March. He survived the crash with few injuries however his car was totalled from the front.

When, he contacted the Nissan dealership for repair costs, he was slapped with an estimate of Rs 21 lakh as repair costs. The car owner was also asked by the Nissan dealer to pay 1% of the estimate cost to get the gate pass generated. Indraharsha has claimed the estimate for the vehicle repairs were calculated at the parking lot only without any proper inspection inside the workshop.

As the cost of repairs exceeded 75% of the IDV (Insured Declared Value), the car was considered total loss.

There is a common practice among car dealers to increase the estimated cost of totalled vehicles to get insurance companies declare them a complete loss easily. However, here the Nissan dealer went overboard and estimated an unbelievable quote.

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