Myths about Passionate Motorbike Riders

Nov 8, 2019 2 min read
Myths about Passionate Motorbike Riders

Bike riding is a passion admired by many and lived by some. Passionate bike riders love to travel places and flaunt their machines on roads.

People have made a certain perception about bike riders that may not be entirely true. Here are some famous myths about passionate riders that are simply based on appearances, and not facts.

1. They love performing illegal stunts.

Stunts are still not legal in India. However, some bikers defy traffic laws and indulge in dangerous stunts without proper protection and jeopardise their lives and lives of others on the road. Some unlawful bikers have tarnished the name of the entire motorbike riding community in India.

The truth is that majority of motorcyclists completely abide by traffic rules, endorse proper protection and ride with brotherhood in their minds. Illegal stunts are a dangerous activity and no responsible motorbike rider ever endorses any such kind of chaos on roads. They wear proper gear, stay within speed limits, and stay away from irresponsible activities.

2. All of them have tattoos all over their body.

Thanks to American television, it is a common myth that every passionate motorbike rider is covered in tattoos. It could be true with some of them, but most of them are regular people with regular jobs. It is harsh to dedicate appearances to a specific community.

3. They always venture out in gangs.

Bikers and Dhoom movie series are synonymous for Indians. Myth among Indians is that bikers’ gangs often indulge in illegal activities. They just hop on their powerful bikes and escape every cop in the city.

Well, to everyone’s disappointment that’s not true. Majority of motorbike riders’ community is a group of sane people who just enjoy riding and coming back home safely. They only group together for a mountain hike or long journeys where they can really explore and enjoy their passion.

4. All of them love rock music.

This fact may be true for the riders around the world, but unfortunately not for Indians. Never be prejudiced about a anyone's music preference, let alone that of a rider. In fact, Indian riders are more into Bollywood music and love listening to it during long rides.

There are a few who are into heavy metal and death mettle but that number is still a minority in the biking community.

5. They only purchase High-End Bikes.

You might find it unbelievable but passionate motorbike riders need not have an expensive bike to follow their passion. It is never about the kind of machine you own, it is always about the passion and love for bikes that counts. A true biker will never judge you by your machine.

Passionate motorbike riding is all about brotherhood and mutual respect.There are several biking groups where people with regular bikes are pursuing their passion for riding bikes.

6. They are compulsive Traffic Rule violators.

Yes, it is a fact that bike riders do not follow traffic rules. And nobody can defend this fact. But it is also a fact that several of them are avid followers of traffic rules and respect others on the road.

A few of them cannot describe the whole community. And it would not be fair to judge the whole team by just few of the players.

Every human being is different. What unites us is our passion and love for something. And it would be wrong to judge someone based on their passions.

Happy Riding!

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