Motorcycle maintenance jobs you can do at home

Nov 11, 2021 2 min read
Motorcycle maintenance jobs you can do at home

People who you can trust should be servicing your motorcycle. And who do you trust the most? Yourself! You wouldn't replace your original motorcycle parts with low-quality ones to save money. You have a deep attachment to your motorcycle. You might also save a lot of money if you didn't have to pay for all the maintenance your bike requires.

Top motorcycle maintenance jobs you can do yourself.

Clean your chain

Nowadays, most chains have O-rings, which require less cleaning than older unsealed chains. After a long ride or when the chain gets dirty, you should clean it. Lift your bike's back wheel, and then reverse the transmission, so that the chain may move more swiftly. Clean the cassette first, then the chainrings, with a brush. All with a soap or degreaser, as you like. Clean and rinse the chain with water now.

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Changing coolant

First remove Coolant drain bolts located beneath bodywork to have access to it. To avoid overheating, freezing, or corrosion when changing the coolant, place a drain pan under the engine and remove this bolt. Remove the radiator cap by unscrewing the drain bolt.  A funnel is the best tool for re-filling the system. Make sure you reinstall the radiator cap and any removed bodywork. Start the engine and let it warm up before shutting it down. By removing the radiator cap, you can check the coolant level. Make sure to follow the owner's manual and add additional coolant if needed.

Keep the right tire pressure

Once a month, check tire pressure. Make it a part of your regular maintenance because tires lose about 1 pound per square inch (psi) of pressure per month on average. Your motorcycle's engine requires a certain amount of air pressure to keep it running at its best efficiency.

Changing the air filter

The performance of your motorcycle will suffer with a blocked and dirty air filter which is supposed to prevent debris from entering the engine. Changing the engine air filter is a straightforward procedure that anyone can perform, even without experience. To reach the air filter, you may need to remove the gas tank and other components, which is not always straightforward. Remove and replace the air filter from the airbox.

Drain oil change

Warm-up by riding a bike for around five minutes in the beginning. It reduces the oil's viscosity, which makes it easier to drain. Turn off the engine, remove the drain plug and oil fill plug, and let the oil drain into a drain pan while the bike is upright. Remove the oil filter as well. Cover the engine and exhaust with aluminum foil to prevent dripping. Replace the oil filter, any removed components, and refill the oil using a funnel and the required amount and kind of motorcycle oil mentioned in the owner's manual. Replace the cap for an oil fill.

Above mentioned tips are easier said than done. Hence, if you have any doubt about your motorcycle's maintenance; then we recommend you to consult your regular mechanic for the quick fix.

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