Top motorcycle accessories to have a safer and more comfortable ride

Sep 27, 2021 2 min read
Top motorcycle accessories to have a safer and more comfortable ride

Bike accessories can enhance your riding experience by making it more comfortable and secure. If you want handy accessories for motorcycles that do not cost much and are really useful, then this article is for you. In this article different accessories/items are presented that you may buy and improve your riding experience with your motorcycle.

1. Leather hand-grips

You can get handgrips made from real leather in numerous colors if you want to reduce the vibrations in your bike. In addition to this, it helps distinguish your motorcycle from the crowd.

2. Spray gun

It can be a dull experience to wash a motorcycle.  For every rider who wants to keep their motorcycle bright and new, a spray gun is a must-have accessory.

3. Disc brake lock

The thieves may simply crack the ordinary lock, we have heard many stories. Therefore, a disc brake lock is necessary for bikes. Disc brake locks is very difficult to do so. It has to do with an additional safety layer.

4. Chain lube and cleaner

Cleaning and lubricating your chain is very important for your bike to function well. It boosts your motorcycle's driving quality and also offers your chain sprockets long life. Most mechanics in India lubricate the chains with burned motor oil. It is time to stop your mechanic if he does so with your motorcycle.

5. Mobile holder plus charger

Do you want to utilize GPS in a motorcycle efficiently? A motorcycle holder is an accessory for motorcyclists.  The process of reaching your location has gotten easier for motorcyclists. However, you need a mobile holder of decent quality to hold and access your phone.  While various mobile phone holders are available in the market, you should choose the one that is robust and look attractive.

6. Air suspension seat

Harmful roadways can make you uncomfortable, particularly, if you are a long distance rider. However, you can now acquire an Air suspension seat and rescue yourself from hazardous roads. This is a best use if you have elderly, pregnant ladies, and persons with back difficulties.

7. Pad for the gear shift

A rubberized gear shift pad will work for you if you want your shoes to last for long. Every time you go on a journey, you'll have to wear it on your shoe.

8. Tank bag for motorbikes

It's a nuisance to shoulder your backpack to hold little things. It makes us sluggish and lazy. With a tank bag, you can take your belongings more effectively.

9. Throttle hand-rest

One of the simplest accessories to buy is a throttle hand-rest. It saves your hands from severe tiredness for extended hours. If you ride long, you should get simple throttle hand-rest, which costs a little.

10. Rain and dust cover for your backpack

You will need is a basic rain cover to safeguard your items in the bag at all the times. If the rain covers are with you, valuable objects such as your laptop, smartphone and documents can be kept safe.

11. Helmet lock

Let's admit it is a complete hassle to take your helmet with you. It limits your mobility, and you must always seek a safe spot. The only way to avoid this hassle is to hold the helmet in the motorcycle itself and to do so you need a powerful lock.

12. Sealant for avoiding punctures

You can have a worry-free ride if you carry a sealant to seal your tyres. Buy a quality pneumatic sealant that can help you get rid of a puncture easily.

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