Mahindra replaces the faulty XUV 700 with a new one after ADAS issues

Dec 12, 2021 1 min read
Mahindra replaces the faulty XUV 700 with a new one after ADAS issues

When it went on sale in India this year, the Mahindra XUV700 was the first of its kind. With over 75,000 bookings, the SUV is a huge hit with buyers. Many XUV700 delivered to consumers, although a small number of those units have had issues.

According to a video posted by Fuel Injected, a buyer purchased an XUV700 but discovered that some ADAS functions were not working when driving home after receiving the SUV.

Mahindra's support team worked for days to fix the issue and entirely opened up The SUV, and the owner no longer wanted it after seeing it in this condition. He asked for a refund from the dealership, but they offered him a better deal.

Fortunately, the dealership offered to replace the malfunctioning SUV with a new one. When the new one arrived, the owner had asked for the color Midnight Black, which he had booked in silver, but couldn't receive because he had already booked one and ordered a new color, which required a longer wait time. Since it showed how much care the company had for its customers, this move was a positive one for him.

Moreover, he revealed in the video that he had explored other options. He didn't like the MG Hector, and the Hyundai Alcazar didn't feel like a luxury car. He also had a look at the Tata Harrier/Safari but found the parking camera and touchscreen to be below par. It's interesting that he only decided to book the XUV700 after searching online.

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