Mahindra eVerito Review

Dec 22, 2020 3 min read
Mahindra eVerito Review

Mahindra eVerito is the company's first electric car in the Indian market. It offers a decent range for city driving and spacious interiors.

Mahindra eVerito is India's first electric sedan. It possesses multiple features and comes loaded with new tech.  However, being an electric vehicle, you must be curious about its range, performance, behavior in the city traffic. Let us find out what it has on offer.


The chrome base grill makes the look of the car very elegant. The inserts at the grill are quite wide that make the airflow very much appropriate to keep the battery pack cool. The headlamps offered here are conventional with a clear glass setup, which gives good visibility. The side part of the vehicle is very much eye-catchy as the graphic design offered is giving it a next-generation technology look.

Here Apollo tyres of 14-inch are given which are known for their low rolling resistance and are tubeless. Above the tyre arch on the left side a fast-charging port is given, tagged as "+me". A normal charging point is given at the rear right side of the vehicle. ORVM is dual-tone, body-color along with a black dusky finish. The company is offering roof rails of double color as in the building of the car body part, in silver and black finish. The high mount stop lamp is very sharp and has effective visibility.

At the rear eVerito badging is present with "e" written in green which represents that it is an environmentally friendly vehicle. The overall look of the vehicle is very subtle and elegant.


At first, whilst opening the door, we get the entire interior in the dual-tone finish with beige as the base color, which on the whole is making the vehicle look very spacious and giving it a luxury touch. The door opening is comfortable enough for all kinds of entry-exit. The driver seat comes with a height adjustment feature for a comfortable drive. The a/c wings given are round in shape surrounded by a chrome finish. The wide opening offers a good amount of air passage for faster cooling. A/c offers the heating service as well.

The door is equipped with window sliding features of all four doors along with the window lock button. The structure is in inclination form for comfortable usage. The door opening handles are in silver finish and present below the window button section. Vehicle lock and unlock, ORVM adjustment button is placed on the right side of the steering. The full digital speedometer console is offered here with matte silver surrounding and a blue color base make it very attractive. The visibility while driving the vehicle is good.

The light and indicator toggle is present at the left and the wiper toggle is on the right side of the steering. The steering is completely black and doesn't comprise any button, it is wide and easy to handle. The steering offered is hydraulic powered. A rear demister is present in the front panel.

The rear-view mirror offered here is prismatic which is known in terms of clarity. The roof lamp is given in the front row. The center console comprises the basic infotainment system. A 2-DIN audio system is given with audio, AUX, USB. The design surrounding the middle part of the center console is very classy and edgy. A/c airflow adjustment is given in the rotatory form manual button with chrome finish. The gear area comprises of boost drive mode in case you need more power at the slope or for overtaking etc.

On the co-driver side, small open storage is given on the dashboard above the glove box for placing things. The glove box is equipped with inbuilt light and is offered spacious and deep storage. 12 V socket for charging is given for mobile charging. The rear seats are very comfortable and offer good legroom and headroom space. The boot space given is 510 ltrs.

The battery capacity is 200 AH. The full charge range is up to 110 km. Fast charging time is 1 hour 45 minutes from 0-80%. Normal charging time is 8 hours 45 minutes for a full charge from zero. Maximum speed at gross vehicle weight is 86 km/hr. A remote lock and key less entry are given.

The Mahindra has given attention to all the safety norms required for the driver and passenger. Side intrusion beam for passenger's safety. A collapsible steering column is present for drivers' concerns. Regenerative braking supports and manages vehicle speed. Digital immobilizer features safe guards the vehicle from theft.

Engine Options

The Mahindra eVerito is offered in two variants D2 and D6 with a 72V 3-Phase AC Induction Motor, battery Type-21.2 KWh Lithium-Ion. Power of 41 bhp@3500 rpm and Torque of 91 Nm @ 3000 rpm.


The ex-showroom price starts from 9.12 lakhs and goes up to 9.46 lakhs for fully loaded electric features.

The all-new segment of the electric sedan has been offered by Mahindra, which is changing the game of the car industry. The concept has moved to make the cars more eco-friendly and most importantly cost-effective for the users as well. The new eVerito is the live moving example of the same.

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