How to start your car without pushing if the self-start fails?

Jan 10, 2022 2 min read
How to start your car without pushing if the self-start fails?

To start a car with a dead battery or faulty starting engine, the most popular technique is to push the vehicle and modulate the clutch and accelerator. However, what if it is stuck in an area without assistance? Here are two methods that a single person may use to start a manual car in such a situation.

Method 1 to start your car if the self-start fails

Lift the wheel a few inches off the ground after identifying the vehicle's live axle (front or rear). Once the tire has risen, place the car in reverse gear and tie the rope around the tire up in the air. Put the key in the start position and swiftly pull the rope to start of the vehicle. It's worth noting that moving the wheel when the transmission is in gear is quite tough and needs considerable power.

Pulling the rope simulates the vehicle's movement on the road and starts the engine. A few videos online show huge vehicles starting in a similar method. Due to the weight of trucks, push-starting them is not practically possible.

Should you use this method?

We have not tested this method hence, we can't guarantee that it will work with your vehicle. The car can also fall off the jack when pulling the rope. When a manual car has a dead battery or faulty starter motor, the most straightforward approach is to either push start it or use jumping cables and a charged battery.

Method 2 to start your car if the self-start fails

This is a tried and tested method; however, needs a lot of effort. Ensure that the ignition key is not cranking up the engine before attempting a push start. It may cause harm to the fuel pump. Select a safe downhill curve on the road. It will make pushing the car easier. Turn on your car's warning lights or use safety reflectors.

Begin by directing the car while another person pushes it. 8-10 kmph is the minimum speed required to start the car. Release the hand brake and put the car in neutral gear. Once you reach the required speed, switch to gear two and leave the clutch while carefully pushing the accelerator. It works in most circumstances.

Above two methods are mentioned just to increase your knowledge for automobiles. We recommend you to buy road side assistance (RSA) with your insurance plan to ensure you always get help in the event of a breakdown.

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