You Can Get Roadside Assistance In Your Car Insurance!

Jan 10, 2020 2 min read
You Can Get Roadside Assistance In Your Car Insurance!

Your car can breakdown anytime and anywhere in the middle of the road. It is normal and unpredictable. Therefore, you should be completely prepared for it. And your car insurance does it for you.

Just imagine the case of car breakdown, a flat tyre with no spare tyre or an accident on a lonely highway. It is practically impossible to push your car to a garage and asking help from strangers is not safe at all. There are several cases in which people don’t get the required help on roads at the right time and they end up facing a lot of difficulties and threats from burglars on lonely roads.

Keeping the safety and security of their customers in mind, insurance companies have started providing the roadside assistance add-on in the car insurance cover at a very nominal cost.

Here is everything that a roadside assistance add-on covers for you-

  • In case of any minor fault in the engine, the company sends a mechanic to fix the problem.
  • In the event of battery breakdown, roadside assistance is sent to give your vehicle a jump start.
  • In case your car faces a major fault and can’t be fixed on the road, the insurance company sends a towing vehicle to take your car to the nearest partner garage. Towing facility is also given in the event of an accident.
  • Flat tyre is a common phenomenon. If you are unable to change the tyre yourself or don’t have a spare tyre, you can call the insurance company for help.
  • If you run out of fuel while driving, you can call your insurance company to send you some fuel so that you can drive to the nearest fuel station.
  • You can also call your insurance company to help you out in case you lock yourself out of the car with keys still inside.

Apart from the above mentioned essential features, there are also some additional features you can avail depending upon the terms of your policy.

  • You can claim reimbursement for your accommodation while waiting in case a major breakdown happens and more than a day is required to fix your car.
  • Charges of an availed cab to the hotel or garage are reimbursed as a part of a transportation facility for the insured driver.
  • Insurer’s engineer can also guide you over the phone to fix minor faults in the engine if you don’t have time to wait for the mechanic or you are stranded in an unsafe area.

Roadside assistance is provided free of cost for the above-mentioned services only. For instance, if you are vehicle is being towed to the garage then you will only be eligible to get the towing facility for free and all the repair costs will be borne by you.

Happy Driving!

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