How to check eChallan and pay fine online

Nov 28, 2020 4 min read
How to check eChallan and pay fine online

eChallan is issued electronically through traffic surveillance devices and handheld devices by the traffic police. You can make the payment of eChallan through online portals.

A challan is an official document sent to the motor vehicle driver, who violates Indian traffic rules. When a challan is issued on your name it means that you must pay the penalty according to the type of offense you have committed, by the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act. A driver who does not follow traffic rules while driving can get the challan on his name from the traffic department.

As the traffic guidelines are increasingly not followed in India, Challan has become a quite common concept. Consequently, to ensure that a driver does not infringe any traffic rules and that other people on the road are safeguarded, the transport challan was bought in the picture.

What is an eChallan?

The concept of the eChallan system was introduced to digitize the entire process from issuing the challan to collecting the fine. A vehicle eChallan is a traffic police computer-generated challan issued to all traffic defaulters in India. This process has been initiated by the Indian government to make traffic services comfortable, easy, and transparent for the public.

The traffic police have an efficient and robust eChallan system, which makes it easy to monitor traffic violators. Traffic defaulters are now able to pay eChallan online or offline depending on the facility provided by their city or state during the digitalization period. To avoid cash transactions, an eChallan system was introduced, so everything is very transparent and clear.

Traffic eChallan is now combined with web portal applications, namely Vahan and Sarathi, introduced by the Government of India. Both of these have many advantages and features covering the main aspects of the management system. Traffic violators can be paid for the eChallan online.

Reasons for issuing of eChallan

There are several reasons why traffic police officers could issue an e-Challan such as:

• Traffic infringements

• Red lights jumping

• Refuse to share information on request

• Driving an unauthorized vehicle

• Driving without a valid authorization

• More than the speed limit specified

• Driving in a drunken condition

• Driving without a valid policy

How does eChallan work?

With the advancement in technology, many aspects of our everyday lives are covered by online solutions. One of the biggest examples is the eChallan system. Let us now look at how it works to better understand it. The main road signals are installed with CCTV cameras, which take continuous traffic footage. If you are found guilty not of complying with traffic regulations, the traffic police will view your CCTV crime footage and record them in their books, obtain information from your RTO office, including name, full address, contact number, and vehicle details. You will receive an SMS informing you of the fault committed and the penalty amount to be paid.

Traffic police are provided with swiping systems so that the vehicle eChallan can be generated and printed immediately. This eChallan system also simplifies the payment process because the fine is collected mostly on the spot. A receipt confirms that payment was received is then issued to the defaulter. Following is the complete process:

The defaulter is caught in the CCTV film. The enforcement officer will get the default information with the registration and Vahan and Sarathi driving license numbers and decide the offense.

A message to the registered cell number of the offender will be sent. The fine amount is automatically calculated according to the crime, then the enforcement officer takes an image from the traffic with all the required information and provides the offender with the same details.

By scanning the received QR code, or paying cash at RTO Office, or depositing cash on-site, the defaulter pays the fine.

How do I pay for the eChallan?

You have to pay the penalty to avoid further legal distress after you get a vehicle eChallan issued. Two ways to pay for traffic in India are available, one is online and the other one is offline. Now let's understand how to pay for an eChallan online.

Online process to pay eChallan

You just have to follow the steps mentioned below and make an online payment.

1. You must visit the respective official website for public transportation.

2. For example - Transportation West Bengal has the website http:/, on which you can pay the fine when you live in West Bengal.

3. You have to choose to pay the violation penalty for the proper crime such as no car park, no seatbelt, no helmet, and many other charges

4. You can then select the offense and complete the necessary details

5. If you know this information, you will need to provide your registration number or the number for a parking violation, etc.

6. Details and the current unsettled amount will then be required

7. You can then make your online payment with a debit or credit card and validate your credit card by giving the necessary details via a random Captcha code.

8. You will receive a receipt for payment after your payment is finished.

9. You can also pay your vehicle eChallan with e-wallets such as Paytm.

10. You will receive an SMS confirming the payment for the vehicle eChallan after payment is completed successfully.

Offline process to pay eChallan

It is also very simple and easy to process offline eChallan payments. But the online process saves your time and energy, as you don't have to go to pay for it physically. But knowing the offline process is always good if you have to follow it some-day.

1. During the offline process, you can pay for your vehicle at any traffic police station near you

2. You should carry documents if you have received the document like Violation Letter

3. You can request the Traffic Police Officer to check former dues if you did not receive the traffic violations letter so that all fines can be paid on time.

4. The traffic officials can collect all information from their smartphones, where they can also see information on your previous dues.

5. It is wise to pay the penalty immediately.

Always follow the rules of traffic and never break any rules of traffic, or you will be issued an eChallan for the offense you committed. Instead, follow all traffic directives diligently and make sure that all of your drives are safe, as it is not only your safety when you drive but also for the safety of other drivers. Remember always that driving is exciting but you always have some responsibility. So drive well and drive safe.

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