Foldable and packable electric bicycle

Aug 22, 2022 1 min read
Foldable and packable electric bicycle

The Model F is a foldable electric cruiser, customisable, and fully built. It carries the same cruiser vibe and custom styling. It runs on a 24-inch wheels, smaller than 20 inch wheels, which are visible in other foldable e-bikes.

The frame includes a front suspension fork and uses an integrated battery. The company claims that the bike can run 80 km on single charge using pedal assist. If a rider don't use pedal assist and rely only upto electric power, then it can run 40 km.

The power source of e-bike is  750-watt motor which helps in running 40 kmph without pedal assist. Also, it comes with hydraulic disk brakes to provide powerful braking performance.

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