Speeder: Flying motorcycle powered by a jet turbine launched for 2.8 crores

Aug 17, 2021 1 min read
Speeder: Flying motorcycle powered by a jet turbine launched for  2.8 crores

Speeder can take off and land on any surface. The company plans to launch this motorcycle in the next two years.

A flying motorcycle prototype has been successfully tested by Jetpack Aviation, which already manufactures vertical propellers. For everyday customers, the California-based company wants to release two consumer models, one of which is “Speeder”. The Speeder is a 250 mph jet-powered motorcycle.

Jetpack Aviation had to create its own flight-control software application to monitor and modify the thrust on the Speeder. As a result of that work, which took more than two years, they now have a motorcycle-like system that stabilizes the machine in flight. Most surfaces can be used to take off and land it vertically, and it can be programmed to fly on its own.

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Two years from now, the company will have an ultra-light version (which does not require a pilot's license) ready, and six months later, they will have an experimental category version.

A speed of 60 mph (96 kmph aprox) and a 15-minute flight time would be possible with the ultra-light variant. A basic pilot's license would be required to fly the experimental version. This version will have a top speed of 250 mph (402 kmph) aprox and a flight time of 35 minutes. Upon approaching to the ground, the air motorcycle will automatically unfolds its landing gear. This motorbike will include hand controls, a 12-inch navigation screen, and a radio system on the dashboard.

Military and public safety organizations will be able to purchase commercial versions with removable wings for enhanced range. They will be able to avail storage compartments for fire retardants, medical personnel, equipment, or injured passengers. JPA estimates that the consumer versions will cost $381,000 (Rs 2.83 crore aprox) at launch. As of now, pre-orders are being taken.

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