You may soon see a flying car in India with 100 km range

Sep 23, 2021 1 min read
You may soon see a flying car in India with 100 km range

In every sci-fi movie that presents a future, flying cars are widespread. There are many companies developing these flying cars, but one Indian company is head and shoulders above the rest in the battle to introduce the world's first flying car.

Recently, the Civil Aviation Minister presented a concept model of a flying car created by the Vinata AeroMobility young team.

India is about to unveil the world's first hybrid flying cars soon. Traveling in India will be hassle-free as flying cars become a reality. Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Civil Aviation Minister, said that flying cars would soon transport people and cargo and offer medical emergency services.

It will be the first hybrid flying car in Asia. The flying car advantages are hassle-free commuting, onboard entertainment, full GPS technology, improved visuals, and a luxury feel.

This flying car has a 60-minute flight duration. It can achieve a top speed of 120 km per hour, has a range of 100 km, and a service ceiling of 3,000 feet. Additionally, the flying car power by Distributed Electric Propulsion, ensuring passenger safety via redundancy.

Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) refers to an aircraft's use of several propellers and motors to safely land if one or more propellers or motors fail. Additionally, backup power supplies electricity to the motor in a generator failure, according to the Vinata AeroMobility website.

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