Fill your car with the wrong fuel? Here are your next steps

Oct 25, 2021 2 min read
Fill your car with the wrong fuel? Here are your next steps

Accidents, low fuel, and a dead car battery all contribute significantly to car breakdowns. However, a little-recognized cause of the breakdown is wrong car fueling. While two-wheelers require just petrol, cars may operate on either diesel or petrol. Misunderstanding about the type of fuel the car runs on could result in wrong fueling.

What happens if you mis-fuel your car?

Diesel in the petrol car

The nozzle on a petrol car tank is smaller than the nozzle on a diesel dispenser, the possibility of misfuelling is much reduced. Nonetheless, the chances of harm are extremely low if a petrol car is filled with diesel. Petrol is far more refined than diesel, and as a result, ignited by the spark produced by spark plugs.

If a petrol car starts when the tank is full of diesel, the diesel will block the spark plugs and fuel system. The fuel filter is one of the first components to fail, as petrol engines' fuel filters are not compatible to diesel's greasy nature.

Petrol in a diesel car

It is undoubtedly a terrible incident that might result in severe engine damage. Due to the smaller nozzles on petrol dispensers, it becomes simpler to misfuel a diesel car. Instead of igniting the fuel as a petrol car would, a diesel engine compress it before delivering it into the engine's internal components for lubrication. The issue begins here.

It isn't easy to eliminate the fuel circulated throughout the diesel engine's core parts. Because petrol is incapable of performing that function, performance becomes uneven. The worst aspect is that it takes time to realize you've misfuelled a diesel car, and by the time you realize, the car will begin leaking black fumes out of the exhaust pipe and will begin to drive slowly and ultimately stop.

What should you do if you mistakenly put the wrong fuel in your car?

Do not attempt to start the car

It is critical since starting the car might result in lasting damage and need costly repair work. It is advisable to remove the key from ignition.

Find a secure location

Put the car's transmission in a neutral position. If you're still at the fuel station, ask for assistance in pushing the car to a safe location.

Get it fixed

Call your road side assistance (RSA) to get your fuel tank and fuel system cleaned before refueling the car with the right fuel.

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