Now get a driving license without any driving test

Jul 5, 2021 1 min read
Now get a driving license without any driving test

The government has decided to save you from the hassle of visiting RTO offices to obtain a driving license. Here is everything you need to know.

Applicants for a driving license will now be able to get the license more conveniently instead of going through the lengthy process at regional transport offices (RTOs). The Union Road Transport Ministry has modified the regulations so that the driving license can be obtained without a driving test.

The Transport Ministry has issued new accreditation requirements for driver training centres. Applicants need to take high-quality driving courses and will not need to undergo driving tests when getting their license if they pass the course.

These training centres will be equipped with simulators and a special driving test track for high quality teaching. According to the notification, a driving course in an approved drivers' training centre for light motor vehicles will last for 29 hours, up to four weeks from the commencement of the course. The class will be divided into two sections: theory and practical.

The medium and heavy vehicle driving courses in training centres last 38 hours over six weeks. According to the report, the notification stated, "These are to separate into two categories, theory and practical."

The training also covers some basic principles of ethical and courteous road behaviour.

The centres will offer light, medium, and heavy vehicle training and industry-specific specialised training. The training will assist solve the current shortage of certified road drivers.

Accredited driving training centres will grant accreditation for five years, which can renew.

Procedure to obtain an online driving license

  • Instead of taking a physical exam at an RTO, you can now take an online test.
  • The applicants are being tested online to close loopholes in the issuing of driving licenses
  • It predicted that the online exam would be more efficient than actual driving tests.
  • The process of digitalisation intended to improve the procedure's transparency and efficiency as well.
  • When a driving training centre issues a certificate, it is automatically sent to the relevant motor vehicle license officer.
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