Difference between Certified used car and Normal used car

Apr 19, 2021 2 min read
Difference between Certified used car and Normal used car

Do you know the difference between these two? No? Then learn here.

Consumers basically have three options while purchasing a vehicle- new, used and certified pre-owned. Buying a used car is still considered to be a hard process for a lot of consumers. The only reason behind this is the lack of assurance and responsibility taken from the seller. While it's obvious what new vehicles look like, many customers may not know the difference between a used and certified pre-owned vehicle.

Check out the difference between a used car and a certified used car.


Both come under the category of used cars and they are cheaper alternatives to buying new vehicles. Any used vehicle is pre-owned, however not all vehicles that are pre-owned are considered certified. Used vehicles are usually sold by an individual or used car lot or local car dealers. Both can save you a great deal of money as new ones, they don't necessarily provide the same warrant coverage.

As the name suggests, a certified used car comes with a certified badge which guarantees the car’s credibility against the standard used cars.

Check out for rust in these places before buying a used car


While both fall under the category of used cars, the main difference between a used car and a certified pre-owned car is the cost. It is a bit costlier than a normal used car, because of the additional inspection and cross-check paper work done on a certified used car. In fact, used cars offer a lot more bang for your buck than shopping for certified ones. They are less expensive and customers don't have to put down as much money as they would for a certified pre-owned car.

Multi-Point Inspection

A certified used car is offered for sale when it has undergone multi point inspection along with paper clearances and has repair work done for any damaged or over used part. Whereas, a normal used car is offered for sale as it is, without any repair work done or documented inspection.

Extended Warranty

Used cars may or may not offer extended warranties such as their certified counterparts. But, unlike a standard used vehicle, a certified pre-owned vehicle is typically offered for sale at a recognized car dealer and backed by the vehicle’s original automaker, with warranties that stretch over the primary coverage of the vehicle. The certified car get extended warranty coverage, a limited bumper-to-bumper warranty, and some vehicles even come with a detailed history report. Plus, they may also get added benefits like manufacturer-backed warranties, roadside assistance, and so on.

CarInfo thinks these points will help you make a better decision before buying a used car.

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