Check out for rust in these places before buying a used car

Mar 27, 2021 2 min read
Check out for rust in these places before buying a used car

Buying a used car involves a lot of careful considerations. A rusty car can land you in a lot of troubles. Here is how you can avoid it.

Buying a used car is not as simple as driving out a brand new car from the showroom. You need to do proper due diligence to make sure you are exactly getting what you are spending money for.

Compared to a brand new vehicle, a used car goes through a lot of wear and tear throughout its life. Hence, apart from looking for damages, engine and RTO paperwork; it is also essential check for "rust" in the car. Rust can affect the structural strength of your car. Hence, it is never a good idea to buy used car that is rusty.

Here are a few common places where you can check for rust in the used car.


Car doors are always prone for rust formation. One of the most common reasons for its occurrence is the blockage of drain holes on doors. Long term exposure to dirt, dust, and moisture start rusting the door cavities. If the rust is not widespread, your nearest workshop can easily fix it.

Fenders and Rocker Panels

Fenders and rocker panels are now normally made out of plastic material. But, if you are going for an older model with metal fenders and rockers, then you need to check them for rust. One of the most common reasons for rust in these parts is mud and dirt.


India is prone to floods in the monsoon season. Hence, car floors can get wet easily. Improper cleaning of the floorboard can lead to rust gradually. We often neglect checking floorboard as it is covered with mat. But it is worth the hassle to check the floorboard for rusting.

Engine Bay

Normally, we do not open the engine bay. However, it is one of the most common areas to catch rust due to extreme temperature and conditions. If there only a thin layer of surface rust and bolts and mounts are in good condition, then you can go ahead with the purchase.


Check out exhaust pipe where the tube is bending and at joints that are welded. If there is rust, then you can check the seriousness of rust. A nominally rust exhaust pipe is not a dealbreaker as it will not affect the performance of your car.


Suspensions are one of the most inaccessible parts to clean in a car. Hence, it is common for car suspensions to catch rust over a the years. A rusty suspension can cause permanent problems like bad ride quality, unwanted noise, and even breakdown. Replacing the suspension is a costly affair. Hence, you should avoid buying a car with rust suspensions.

Hope, you will keep these points in mind before buying a used car.

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