Know why Delhi government has suspended subsidy on Tata Nexon EV

Mar 3, 2021 1 min read
Know why Delhi government has suspended subsidy on Tata Nexon EV

In an order passed on Monday, Delhi government has suspended the subsidy of Tata Nexon EV after receiving complaints of lower range.

Delhi government has eliminated the subsidy of Tata Nexon electric car from its subsidy scheme for electric vehicles. It is due to the complaints that the EV has failed to deliver the specified range on a single charge. Tata Motors has called the development as "unfortunate" and assured that it is committed to "engage constructively" with authorities to protect customers' interests.

As per the order of the Delhi Transport department on Monday, a 3 member committee will verify the claims of complainants and assertions of Tata Motors. The committee will also include the representative of Tata Motors.

"The Tata Nexon EV will not be eligible for EV subsidy till the committee gives a report and decision is taken accordingly," - Transport department order

Show-cause notice was issued to Tata Motors in February by the transport department after a complaint from the Tata Nexon EV user. He claimed that the EV did not meet the ARAI certified range of 312 km on a single charge. The owner also claimed that the range of the car has never gone beyond 200 km.

The order also states that selling inefficient EVs can adversly affect the momentum of EV usage in the national capital. In the absence of strict action, the general public might get discouraged to buy substanard electric vehicle.

Tata Motors has claimed that the range of an EV depends on various key paramters including driving style, usage of AC, traffic conditions, driving with heavy foot, and more. It also claimed that once owners of Nexon EV get familiar with the vehicle, they claim an increase in range by up to 10 percent.

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