Control your car AC and seat settings from iPhone

Oct 8, 2021 1 min read
Control your car AC and seat settings from iPhone

CarPlay is Apple's in-car app that enables you to access some applications of your iPhone on the car's infotainment while driving safely. At present it enabled you to launch a playlist on Apple Music or Spotify, making a call with Siri, and navigating using Apple Maps or Google Maps. But you can't control any car features from CarPlay.

According to Bloomberg, Apple intends to alter that: in the future, your iPhone and CarPlay system should be able to manage numerous car functions. Apple is working on a new project called IronHeart to change this.

It will enable you to control car AC cooling temperature, equalizer, tweeter, sound balance settings, ventilation, speaker, seats, and fuel gauge among others. It is working closely with carmakers to make these features reality in Apple CarPlay. If the IronHeart project succeeds, availability will be based on car make and model.

CarPlay will help you control virtually everything in and around the car with this project. Additional apps are also conceivable with the additional data, according to the sources. Apple has increased the choices available to CarPlay applications in recent years, including regulating the heating, although this function's use is limited. Over the last year, Apple has also developed virtual Car Keys, but they only work with BMW.

However, car manufacturers are reluctant to allow such close integration of their cars with Apple CarPlay as Apple could view details about cars or how customers utilize the functions.

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