Car Thing - smart music and podcast player from Spotify

Apr 14, 2021 1 min read
Car Thing - smart music and podcast player from Spotify

Car Thing is a great device for used cars that don't have user-friendly infotainment systems to operate the music streaming app Spotify.

Spotify on Tuesday announced the launch of Car Thing. It is a dedicated gadget that you can use to listen to music playlists and podcasts while driving your car. However, you can't buy it now!

Spotify has announced a limited release for the USA premium subscribers only on an invite-only basis. No wonder, there is a waitlist and you can signup for it. Eventually, the music device will cost you $79.99.

The Car Thing will mount up to your car's dashboard and will run on the 12-volt power socket. You just need to pair the device with your car's infotainment system to browse and listen to music and podcasts.

The idea behind this unique device is to give users a seamless listening experience irrespective of the car model you own. Because older cars do not have modern features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or a touchscreen to access the Spotify app from the car's dashboard. A great device if you are planning to buy used car.

Through Car Thing you can easily browse playlists, podcasts, music station, albums, artists, and more via its touch screen, voice command, and an analog dial. Analog dial is meant to help you operate the device easily without moving your eyes away from the road. The four buttons at the top of the device can help you easily access the four presets.

The dedicated music streaming device is best suited for old vehicles with poor infotainment user interface or no touch screen. Spotify clarified that it is not competing with in-car infotainment system and it just wants to make listening convenient for its users.

Spotify, has not announced when it will launch this music streaming console in other markets of the world. CarInfo believes, it might depend on the popularity of the gadget in the USA before the music streaming app decides to bring Car Thing to India or other markets of the world.

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