Common car maintenance tips that are not true

Sep 24, 2021 2 min read
Common car maintenance tips that are not true

Buying a car is a very small part of the job. The real work is to maintain a car and keep it in mint condition. However, sometimes in our enthusiasm to take care of our car properly, we often tend to believe myths as genuine car maintenance tips.

Check out these 4 myths about car maintenance.

1.   Premium fuel enhances car performance

Normal fuel works fine unless your car is equipped with a high-compression, high-performance engine that operates hotter than most others. The less expensive fuel must nevertheless meet quality requirements – it cannot damage your normal car's engine in any way.

The premium fuel contains cleaners and protectants that help maintain turbocharged engines in good condition — think sports car kinds — and is more resistant to engine knocking.

Typically, cars that need costlier, premium fuel are sports cars and imported SUVs. Regular fuel should be enough for an average-priced car. Read your owner's manual to ascertain the manufacturer's recommendations.

2.   Your warranty will void if you choose an independent repair shop

Your warranty remains in effect until it expires, regardless of where you repair your car. Dealerships may imply that you must visit them exclusively, but forcing you to do so is illegal. Any maintenance work can be done at any car repair shop.

You just need to save your receipts to prove what was done and how much did it cost. Any maintenance indicated in the owner's manual and carried out in accordance with the recommended schedule of the manufacturer should not void your warranty.

3.   Before driving in the cold, warm up your car's engine

While engine components need warming up before functioning properly, newer engines warm up much quicker while driving. Additionally, the movement is required to warm up your wheel bearings and transmission fully. Idling your car in cold weather serves no use other than to warm you up on the inside. You need to drive the car to optimize your fuel economy and performance. Idling your car in your driveway consumes petrol for no reason - it's a waste of money and fuel.

4.   Roll the windows down instead of putting the air conditioner on to save fuel

In reality, rolling down the windows or blasting the air conditioning makes little difference in fuel economy. With the car air conditioner turned on, more fuel is required but rolling the windows down increases the wind resistance. To compensate for the car's disrupted aerodynamic design, it will require slightly more fuel.

Both air conditioning and rolled-down windows have a negligible effect on fuel economy.

Hope above mentioned information will help you to follow all regular car maintenance service and never miss one to enjoy your vehicle safely and without significant issues.

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