Premium or normal fuel for your vehicle? Let us find out

Aug 10, 2021 2 min read
Premium or normal fuel for your vehicle? Let us find out

Premium fuel is expensive than normal fuel. But why and what are its benefits? Let us check out.

You must have comes across Xtra Premium branding on fuel stations in India. However, you often don't chose this option as it is more expensive than the normal fuel. But what is so special about it? Is normal fuel harmful for your vehicle's engine? Let us find out.

What is premium petrol?

Premium fuel comes with a higher octane number than normal petrol but it is not the case in India. Here in India, there are three types of petrol, conventional, premium petrol and a high octane fuel.

Octane number reflects petrol’s igniting performance in a vehicle. For instance here in Indian the octane number of normal petrol is 91 and the premium is 95 or greater. Normal fuel with a 91 octane number is a great option working in the engines with low compression ration. But 95 or 99 octane are capable of withstanding more heat and pressure before igniting, hence it can withstand higher compression ratios.

In other words, a fuel with a higher octane number is better for high-end performance cars and motorcycles.

What is normal petrol?

Normal petrol comes with an octane number of around 91 in India. But should you run your car or bike on a low octane petrol? What are the pros and cons? Let us figure out.

Which fuel is better and why?

To figure out which is the best fuel for your ride, we recommend to read your vehicle owner’s manual. If it says normal fuel is okay then you should follow it without any doubts.

However, with time, sludge and carbon get deposited on the inside of the engine including cylinder wall valve seats and valves. This can hamper your vehicle engine’s performance. To clean your car's engine, filling up the tank with premium fuel that contains additives and cleaning agents is a good choice.

Cleaning the engine can have a significant change in the engine and it’ll feel less stressed. However,  for visible effects it might take up to 2-3 full tanks. After that, you can again shift back to normal fuel.

It is recommended to shift back and forth to normal and premium fuel periodically to keep your vehicle's engine health in good shape.

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