Check out this electric motorcycle with a 200 km range and 100 kmph top speed

Jan 16, 2022 1 min read
Check out this electric motorcycle with a 200 km range and 100 kmph top speed

Oben EV, Bangalore-based company is developing a high-speed electric bike. To date, the company has 16 patented technologies and a bike prototype is production ready to test out on consumers.

The Indian electric two-wheeler market currently offers a wide variety of scooters, but there are not enough options for electric bikes to select.

For the Oben EV's electric bike, a full charge will give it a range of 200 kilometers and a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour. In addition to the battery cells, the manufacturer claims that the bike is entirely domestic. It can be charged in an hour using an external DC charger, reducing the charging duration to two hours.

The bike can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in three seconds. It will have an ARX design frame, according to founder Dinkar Agarwal, which reduces the overall weight and makes it easier for users to control.

It also has a unique design feature: a battery that looks like it is floating and helping the rider have a more enjoyable experience. A first in the industry, the aluminum frame, and the entire design structure solve heat exchange in the battery pack, which is currently the main issue for high-performance electric two-wheelers.

In April of next year, the business plans to release its first electric bike. However, the company has also stated that it plans to offer more products in other categories of electric mobility.

Earlier this month, the Bengaluru-based startup reported raising $1.5 million in its recent round of venture funding. Entrepreneurs and strategic investors from We Founder Circle network invested in this round. Apart from Rakesh Somani, Gaurav Juneja, Siddharth Shah, Sumeet Pathak, and Dr. Milan Modi have put money into the OBEN EV venture.

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