Car submerged in rains? Here is what to do

Oct 17, 2020 2 min read
Car submerged in rains? Here is what to do

If your car gets submerged in rains then it becomes an expensive affair to get it repaired. By following a few points, you can minimize the damage and claim insurance easily.

Indian roads are notorious to waterlogging and flooding during rains. Bad roads and inefficient drainage system makes your car vulnerable to high levels of water on the roads. Even if your car is parked on the road, there is a possibility that water might seep into the engine due high levels of water logging.

Recently we saw a video in which cars were submerged due to Hyderabad rains. God forbid it never happens to you. But what if it does? Here is what to do.

Don't start your car.

Water can easily damage the engine and other internal parts of the car. It can also affect the transmission of the car. When water reaches the engine and the pistons don’t compress or move normally, it is called hydro-lock. It is a common condition in flooded cars and is the worst-case scenario for your vehicle. Never try to crank the engine in such situations as it can lead to further damage.

Take out the water ASAP

The longer water stays in the car, the greater damage will happen. Water flooding can damage the wiring and the mechanical components of the car. It will also ruin your seats, metal components, and other interior parts. Drain the water and slush immediately from the car.

Ventilate your car

Damp seats and interiors can lead to foul smell. Park the car under direct sunlight, open the windows, and leave the doors open to let the interiors breathe. You can also place a table or a portable fan to increase the ventilation. You can also use drier and heater to dry the interiors of your car.

Insurance and how it plays an important role

If you have a third party insurance then it will not cover the damage costs incurred due to floods. Only a comprehensive car insurance covers the damages caused due to natural calamities including cyclones, floods, and hailstorms.

Your car can broadly suffer two types of damages to i.e. engine and accessories. Engine repair can cost around Rs 1.5 lakh. Cost of accessories depends upon the kind of equipments your car have. Insurers put these kind of damages under 'Acts of God' clause.

A point worth noting here is that the insurance company will not cover the damage caused to the engine if you try to start the engine while your car is submerged. Further damages are not considered damages caused due to flooding.

Some insurance providers offers engine protection plan as an add-on in their comprehensive insurance policy. So, if your city is prone to floods then it is a good idea to buy engine protection.

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