Bajaj is testing Pulsar 250 with a brand new engine and chassis

Mar 27, 2021 1 min read
Bajaj is testing Pulsar 250 with a brand new engine and chassis

Bajaj Pulsar is waiting for the generation upgrade for quite a few years now. The new Pulsar 250 will challenge TVS Apace and KTMs.

Bajaj Pulsar is an icon in the Indian motorcycling segment. It was launched at a time when there were no affordable performance bike in the segment. Powered with a 4-stroke engine, Pulsar created the segment of accessible sporty bikes in India. Over the years, it has enjoyed an undisputed fan-following. However, newer models from the likes of KTM and TVS have diluted the cult of Bajaj Pulsar over the years.

Bajaj Pulsar now needs a generation update to maintain its positioning in the Indian motorcycle market. Bajaj is now all set to launch the new Pulsar 250.

Bajaj is working on an affordable platform for the Pulsar series including the brand-new engine. The new engine will be of 250 cc capacity. However, unlike KTM-based 250 cc engine, it will be less sophisticated and cheaper. The air-cooled engine setup might not even come with a 4-valve head and will bear no resemblance with the current generation mill in Pulsar 220F.

The new Pulsar 250 will be built on a new frame. It would be the amalgamation of the current NS series perimeter frame and standard double down tube setup. To keep the bike affordable, it will be mated with a conventional telescopic fork. However, rear will get a mono-shock setup.

Bajaj has not updated on what would happen to the current lineup of Pulsar NS series after the launch of new Pulsar 250.

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