Bajaj Chetak review - Buy this electric scooter for nostalgia and the environment

Sep 16, 2021 3 min read
Bajaj Chetak review - Buy this electric scooter for nostalgia and the environment

Bajaj Chetak needs no introduction. The name brings nostalgia and a smile. Is the electric version as good as the previous one? Let us check out.

With the increasing prices of petrol and diesel, more and more people are looking for Electric Vehicles as an alternate option. Through electric vehicles, people can avail a great travel economy as compared to conventional vehicles.

Bajaj is a renowned name in the domain of two-wheelers in India. The company has recently introduced Bajaj Chetak as one of the first models in the Electric Scooters range.

Bajaj Chetak name can give you nostalgia but there is nothing similar to the older machine. It's not difficult to see the reasons behind the choice of Bajaj Auto to resurrect the Chetak brand as an electric scooter. The new e-scooter design is quite trendy and by far one of the most stylish ones on the Indian roads.


The design is natural, and elegant as the lines curl around the bodywork mainly of metal. Elements like the DRL LEDs on the front of the lamp, the faux grid, and the one-piece back section result in an enticing design. The taillights, look amazing as well, with the integrated, dynamic turn indicators.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter

The decision of Bajaj to use a trailing connecting suspension in the front and a swing-arm on the back is clever, as the alloy wheels are displayed fully.  The finish of the paint is also superb it makes the Chetak shine The Chetak invokes a sense of familiarity, which will make it easier for individuals to convert themselves from ordinary scooters.  Innovations like flush-style switchgear and a completely digital dashboard with Bluetooth connectivity are among some of the advanced features of this Electric Scooter.

Engine and performance

This Electric scooter is driven by a 3.8kW/4.1 kW engine that develops torque of 16Nm which looks like a great deal. Two modes of riding, Eco and Sport, are available. The IC unit features a sensor that senses the throttle position when the scooter is in Eco mode. The algorithm detects the extra need for electricity and switches to the sport. This is useful to overtake quickly or climb a flyover and spares the hassle of switching manually between modes. In order to retain the rating as high as possible, Bajaj has limited the high speed, to 69kph.

The Bosch IP67 lithium-ion pack can operate in Eco for 95 km and in Sport for 85 km. These claimed figures, Bajaj says, are what in the actual world could be achieved. However, it's a rather practical range for daily use. Time is 5 hours before the battery is charged from 0-100 percent, and 80 percent after the Chetak is plugged into for 3.5 hours. The charging cord connects to a 5A socket under the seat, so that the scooter can be left unattended while charging. There are currently no quick charging provisions.

Riding comfort

The riding comfort of Bajaj Chetak is great. It is a 110 cc scooter, with a high-performance suspension system installed in it. The driving quality is quite decent In addition, the suspension is fairly flexible and the Chetak is running like an amazing gas-powered scooter. It is also well planted around the curves, and the MRF tires are well fitted to both ends with 12-inch wheels. In an overall sense, it is very comfortable to ride on this scooter.

Final verdict

The name Chetak has a big reputation with Indians and has a profound emotional link. The first impression is that the Chetak will naturally, and in a very premium way make the transition from petrol to electric mobility. For people who want to move from conventional IC engine scooters to electric ones, this scooter is a great option.

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