Your Very-Own Bajaj Chetak is Coming Back!

Nov 21, 2019 2 min read
Your Very-Own Bajaj Chetak is Coming Back!

Legendary Bajaj Chetak was known for its reliability and performance. Bajaj has once again revived the much-loved model but this time in its electric avatar.

Here is everything you wish to know about the Bajaj Chetak Electric scooter.

  • It will be launched in January 2020 and will be initially be sold only in Bengaluru and Pune by the Pro-biking network KTM.
  • It is expected to cost between 1 and 1.5 lakh.
  • The scooter comes powered with a 4kW electric motor which would be run by IP67-rated lithium-ion battery.
  • The battery range of Chetak is expected to be 85 to 95 kilometres.
  • It will come in two driving models- Eco and Sport. Eco is expected to give the range of 95 km while the Sport model will guzzle more battery juice and will give the range of only 85 km.
  • The battery can be charged to 80 percent of its capacity within 5 hours. However, there is no option of 'fast charging' with the scooter.
  • Suspension duties will be handled by single-sided suspension at the front and a mono shock at the rear of the scooter.
  • It is also equipped with a single-sided cast aluminium swing arm.
  • The 12-inch wheels of the Chetak will have a disc brake at the front and drum brake will do braking duties for the rear wheel.
  • Chetak will also get an electric regenerative braking system to enhance the range of its battery.
  • Surprisingly, the new Chetak will come without a Bajaj badge.
  • The all-metal body of the scooter is offered in 6 colours.
  • LED headlamp comes equipped with DRLs housed around the border of the headlight and sequential scrolling LED blinkers will do the duty of indicators.
  • Chetak will come with a three year or 50,000 km warranty as a standard.

Bajaj claims that the battery life of lithium-ion units installed in the scooter is around 70,000 km and has been tested across different terrains, weather conditions and road surfaces among others. That is a healthy warranty tenure, considering the life of batteries in the existing electric two-wheelers.

Bajaj will also export Chetak to other international markets. The scooter will be built at Bajaj’s Chakan facility in Maharashtra by an all-female workforce on the assembly line. Considering an EV has lesser moving parts, the smaller assembly line of the Chetak will help Bajaj to optimise the production easily depending upon the demand in the market.

This also marks the re-entry of Bajaj Auto in the scooter market after almost 15 years.

Happy Riding!

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