Are you Taking Proper Care of your Bike?

Oct 18, 2019 2 min read
Are you Taking Proper Care of your Bike?

Without proper maintenance, your bike (or scooter) can start creating problems after some time. To make sure that your two wheeler lives a long and healthy life, you should be aware about how to maintain it well.

Here are a few maintenance tips that can help you keep your bike in good shape and would ensure a smooth ride.

1. Check Oil Regularly

It is recommended that oil levels be checked after every 2,000 km for top-ups. Although, the oil can be changed after every 5,000 to 10,000 km, depending upon the model of the motorcycle and the quality of oil. Generally, bikes consume more oil during summers and less in the winter season.

2. Pay Attention to Brakes

Early signs of brake pads’ wear are screeching sound or stickiness in the brakes. Check out the thickness of those brake pads. It is time to change the brake pads if their thickness has reduced below 2 mm.

3. Use Proper Lubrication

Proper lubrication is essential to make sure your bike runs smoothly. It is advisable to lubricate the steering-head bearings, suspension linkages, swing-arm and wheel bearings at regular intervals. Also, wheel bearings should be inspected after every 10,000 km for any roughness.
You should also clean and lubricate the chain sprocket  after every 500 km to increase its life.

4. Keep the Tyres in Good Condition

We often tend to ignore our tyres which are one of the most important parts of the bike. It is essential to check the tyre pressure and tread quality at the beginning of every ride. Bad tyres could lead to poor grip and bad ride quality. Tyre condition often depends upon the kind of weather you are riding in. For instance, tyre with medium wear is fine in city conditions but for off-roading, you should always go with larger treads.

5. Check the Spark Plug

A dirty or corroded spark plug can cause a breakdown at any point. Check the condition of the spark plug after every 5000 km. Before making the check, make sure that the bike is completely cool. Unscrew the spark plug from the socket, dust it off and inspect it carefully. Never install the spark plug by hand as you may leave it loosely fixed.

6. Clean the Air Filter

The air filter prevents the intake of dust particles and other impurities into the engine. Hence, it is crucial to keep it clean. Make sure that the filter is properly cleaned and oiled to prevent dirt from entering the engine. Check it more often if you are riding on dusty roads on a regular basis.

7. Focus on the Battery

Nowadays, all the motorcycles come equipped with self-start. And in most bikes, there are no manual kicks to start the engine. This is why proper battery maintenance is important to ensure your bike starts every time and all the lights and gadgets function properly. Check out the battery for leaks and charge it externally in case your bike is standing ideal for more than a week.

All these steps take minutes of your time, but add years to your bike. It would not be very often when you would be doing all this, but small steps can reap you great rewards.

Keep your bike shining and vrooming!

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