Angry Ford Endeavour owner tows faulty SUV with a donkey to the service station

Aug 24, 2021 1 min read
Angry Ford Endeavour owner tows faulty SUV with a donkey to the service station

A Ford customer in India had a donkey tow his SUV to a dealership that he says has repeatedly failed to fix the problem with the vehicle.

A dissatisfied owner of Ford Endeavour made a full scene on the road to put the spotlight on his faulty SUV. Owner of 2020 Ford Endeavour, Arjun Meena, made a donkey drag the SUV along with the playing band to the dealership to protest against the company's service.

He says that he just wanted to bring the attention of everyone around to his faulty Ford Endeavour. Additionally, he first bought the Endeavour in 2016 and faced many problems, he claims.

In 2020 he again bought a brand-new Ford Endeavour and started experiencing transmission issues. The owner says that the vehicle spent more time in the service centre than at his home. He explained that the vehicle slows down entirely while moving without any warning.

Frustrated with these regular problems, the owner did something out of the box. He gather some people with drums, towed his SUV from a donkey to the dealership again.

This is not the first incident that took place in India where and unhappy owner of a vehicle did such a stunt to get attention and get justice. MG owner, a Jaguar owner, a Skoda owner and a Toyota Land Cruiser owner and more have done something similar.

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