Aadhaar authentication for contactless RTO driving license and registration services

Mar 12, 2021 2 min read
Aadhaar authentication for contactless RTO driving license and registration services

Now you don't need to face the hassles of visiting RTO office for driving license and registration services. Check out how.

Recently Union ministry of road transport and highways (MoRTH) has released a notification that states contactless services through Aadhar authentication are launched for the citizens of India. Now, you are not required to visit the regional transport offices (RTOs) to avail services including renewal of driver’s license, obtaining a learners’ permit, vehicle registration, and more.

As per the notification, it will cover a total of 18 services. The new system will simplify the government delivery processes and bring in more efficiency and transparency. It will also enable you to get the work done directly from the RTO in a seamless manner.

1. Learner’s License

2. Duplicate Driving License

3. Renewal of Driving License for which test of competence to drive is not required

4. Change of Address in Driving License and Certificate of Registration

5. Surrender of Class of Vehicle from License

6. Issue of International Driving Permit

7. Application for Temporary Registration of motor vehicle

8. Application for issue of duplicate Certificate of Registration

9. Application for Registration of motor vehicle with fully built body

10. Application for Grant of NOC for Certificate of Registration

11. Notice of Transfer of Ownership of motor vehicle

12. Application for Transfer of Ownership of motor vehicle

13. Application for registration for driver training from Accredited Driver training centre

14. Intimation of Change of Address in Certificate of Registration

15. Application for registration of motor vehicle of Diplomatic Officer

16. Application for assignment of Fresh Registration Mark of motor vehicle of Diplomatic Officer

17. Termination of hire-purchase agreement

18. Endorsement of hire-purchase agreement

Any person who wants to avail above mentioned contactless services need to undergo Aadhaar authentication. If you have not received your Aadhaar number yet then you can also use your enrolment slip ID for authentication.

Earlier, the government notified that citizens can now link driver license and RTO vehicle registration certificate with their Aadhaar number.

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