You can't enter Yamuna Expressway without this app

Jan 30, 2021 1 min read
You can't enter Yamuna Expressway without this app

Yamuna Expressway is prone to horrible accidents round the year. Now authorities have made it compulsory to download this app on your phone.

Ever since the Yamuna Expressway was made operational in October 2012, it has remained infamous for accidents due to over speeding vehicles. The flat six-lane 160 km stretch from Greater NOIDA to Agra has been one of the favorite roads for over speeding vehicles. The expressway has a speed limit of 100 kmph, even then many vehicles are seen plying beyond the speed limit. And very rarely, vehicles are being booked for over speeding.

As per officials, more than 750 people have died on the Yamuna Expressway since its launch. In a bid to prevent frequent accidents, authorities have now made it compulsory to download the Highway Saathi app on mobile phone from February 15.  The app will be checked at zero points on the both the sides. You will not be allowed to enter the Yamuna Expressway if you don't have the Highway Saathi app on your phone.

The Highway Sathi app will show alerts related to accidents, traffic snarls, and public amenities on the Yamuna Expressway. You can also send SOS alerts via the app in case of an emergency or accident.

CarInfo hopes that this app will help in reducing the rate of accidents on the Yamuna Expressway.

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