You can't drive without paying car EMI

Mar 3, 2023 1 min read
You can't drive without paying car EMI

Recently, Ford aims to achieve through their recently filed patent for an autonomous repossession system which would enable vehicles to drive themselves off of the holder's property making it's way back to banking institution.

In simple words, Ford's innovative technology would allow them to take possession of the car from the owner from the customers who haven't paid their EMIs, remotely.

This is termed as repossession-linked technology. It can turn off the air-condition of the car, disable it's cruise control and automated windows features if owner doesn't pay the dues.

This technology will help the carmaker to even turn off the engine or accelerator of the vehicle, making it impossible for the owner of the vehicle to drive. It also proposes to drive to a location where it can be towed away by another vehicle.

However, the carmaker is not planning to deploy it as of now. Additionally, there's no clarity even if Ford will be awarded for the patent.

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