Why you should remove your car's FASTag after an accident

Nov 9, 2021 1 min read
Why you should remove your car's FASTag after an accident

Accident victims in India typically leave their cars at the site or the local police station after an accident. Taking care of the injured and informing authorities are reasonable priorities, however, we often forget to remove FASTag from the car.

When the FASTag is not removed, you may face a significant financial loss. If the car meets an accident, the money in the FASTag account becomes useless.

FASTag should be removed for two key reasons. Any crack in the front glass can destroy a small chip on the FASTag that has all the details. And the FAStag won't work without a proper chip. When a car does not have a FASTag, the driver may be liable for the fixed penalty.

You must also transfer the balance in old FASTag to another FASTag after removing the FASTag from the damaged car. It is possible to transfer any remaining balance to the new FASTag using the registered number. Hence, following a collision, you must remove the FASTag.

According to officials from the Ministry of Road Transport, the FASTag must be removed from the car following a road collision because of the possibility of front-window damage. God forbid but if you face an accident, don't forget to remove FASTag from your car.

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